The pupils themselves really have ownership of the initiatives via the school council and eco-committee.

The pupils have discussed the benefits of having water bottles in class, of the weekly walking bus led by the headteacher, and of activities like ‘class moves’ and ‘brain gym’. As one young committee member said: ‘Yes we’re happy to do it – we’re listened to – and we’re good at it as well!’

Everyone at the school is involved, including the midday supervisors who lead old and new games in the yard during lunchtimes. Healthy eating is encouraged with a fruit tuck shop, and a rubber ink stamp system for the back of the hand to show parents their child has eaten vegetables at lunchtime. The local supermarket also gives each class the opportunity to visit and sample healthy foods.

The eco council is getting to grips with recycling and energy conservation, while the science garden is going to be a place for harvesting fruit as well as learning. the most recent initiatives that the eco council has chosen to focus on include building a greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles, recycling food waste, creating a litter policy for the school and taking part in a ‘litter bug’ collection project in Virginia Park.

In addition to this, the school buddy system has called in the skills of the NSPCC to train volunteers who have now formed themselves into a group called ‘Mets Gret ‘(Great mates).