Learning for Sustainability – Facilitation and Leadership Evaluation Report

In 2018 we launched our ‘Attitudes to Sustainability’, five year, longitudinal study.

We produced three separate surveys aimed at children, young people, and adults. Our aim is to investigate how much people already understand about sustainability, in order to inform our work in ESD. We are interested to see whether the growing awareness of environmental issues over time will have an impact on our findings year on year. The results from the first study make interesting reading and we are pleased to be able to publish our 2018/19 report based on the findings. They have already begun to inform the work we do here at SEEd and we hope they will be of use to other educators and educational establishments.

Our Year 3 surveys are now open.

Every survey taken helps us build our body of research so please add your voice to this important study.

Children’s Attitudes to Sustainability (Age 6 – 11)

Youth Attitudes to Sustainability (Age 12 – 25)

Adult Attitudes to Sustainability (Age 26+)

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