WWF share their position on the Referendum on the UK’s Membership of the European Union.

SEEd Members, WWF, in conjunction with RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts have commissioned research from the Institute for European Environmental Policy to set out the facts on what the EU has meant for the environment.

The research suggests that not everything that comes from Europe has been good for the natural world: agriculture and fisheries policies have been flawed and in some instances counter productive.

However, WWF reflect that Britain’s membership of the EU has delivered benefits for our environment – such as reduced air and water pollution, reduced carbon emissions, increased recycling, clean beaches and protected areas for rare species and habitats – that would be hard to replicate in the event of the UK leaving.

WWF are not campaigning on either side of the debate, however, they do ask that voters ask both camps – IN and OUT – how they would set about ensuring natural resources are managed in the most sustainable way in order to take the environment into consideration when making their decision.

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