Work Experience at SEEd: Joe’s Experience

By Joe Freedman

I am currently enjoying a week’s work placement at SEEd, and taking part in the wonderful work they are doing has given a good insight into operations at such organisations.

It has been a such a relief to see environmental education at the forefront of so many people’s work. SEEd are dedicated to working with youth rather than disregarding their opinions to work on a separate agenda, something that seems to be missing from much of the advocators for sustainability.

This Wednesday we travelled to parliament to attend the Teach the Future reception to talk to MPs and hear testimony from people invested in this campaign. This event has given me real enthusiasm that policy makers will start listening to the calls for change that have been ignored for too long. There appears to be a strong body of support within parliament that sustainability needs to be at the core of education, which is very encouraging for the future.

If you are interested in carrying out work experience with SEEd please email