We know that many young people are worried about the future and are searching for opportunities to make a difference. Yet in many cases they lack the platforms, encouragement or resources necessary to do so.

SEEd’s Young Changemakers is a partnership project with individual schools. It encourage students to ‘have a go’ and develop their sense of agency and hope. You don’t need to be an expert in sustainability. SEEd will support your school through online training and mentoring and face-to-face meetings. The project is designed for key stages 3, 4 and A level students. The project is underpinned by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals which provide an overarching and global framework for young people to aim towards.

Project objectives

The key learning outcome for students is an understanding of sustainability and how to work with people to achieve it. The key learning outcome for the school is more motivated students connected to their community through real world issues. This project has been piloted successfully with Wellington College and is now being rolled out to other schools especially across all of Gloucestershire. For further information, please contact us.

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So often, as is the case in England, children are passed through primary school with a minimal (if any) focus on poverty. We are taught that water is H2O before learning that over 600 million people don’t have access to it. We are well-versed in Shakespeare before learning that over 700 million people can’t read. To create a generation of teenagers aspiring to fix the world’s problems, education must be the first thing we look at.

George Rosenfeld, 17

Attitudes to Sustainability

The Youth Listening surveys form part of our Young Changemakers programme. We want to find out how people are feeling about sustainability; both as a wider subject, and in relation to their personal lives. So in May 2018 we released a survey asking young people about their attitudes towards sustainability. Then, through work with schools during those first few months, we designed and released two further surveys, one for adults, and one for children under the age of twelve.

How do young people feel about sustainability, as a wider subject, and in relation to their personal lives? To answer this question we’ve brought out a series of surveys asking children, young people, and adults what they think. We ask that you take the time to complete the survey yourself, as well as sharing it with your students and networks. The surveys are anonymous, take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and are designed to help you and your students/colleagues explore your thinking, understanding, and feelings around sustainability.

If you’re a teacher you can use this survey as a baseline audit to measure your staff and/or students attitudes and knowledge around sustainability. Just get your school or class to fill it out and make sure they fill in the box that asks what school they go to. Once they have all completed it, email isa@se-ed.org.uk to get your school or class results. You can ask your students to complete the survey year on year so you can compare your results.

Results from this survey will be used as evidence for our campaign to include sustainability education for all and our work with Our Shared World. This is a 5-year longitudinal study. We ask that you complete this survey again in the future, either yourself or with your students, to help us gain a broader picture of cultural sustainability development. The survey report will be shared by SEEd, on our website. Request the report.

Download the Attitudes to Sustainability Report

In 2018 we launched our ‘Attitudes to Sustainability’, five year, longitudinal study. The results from the first study make interesting reading and we are pleased to be able to publish our 2018/19 report based on the findings. You can access the report by completing the short online form below.

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