Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

Advocating for ESD and EE is still an essential part of the work needed to be done in the UK. SEEd works with others to encourage this as well as understanding what practices are effective for educators and learners.

This means explaining to many sectors, not just government, that much of this good practice needs support, CPD and capacity building. It can involve working with funders, businesses, subject associations, unions and communities to name a few.

An essential part of all sustainable development is good governance, which means transparency, checking that policies are working, or informing policies based on good practice. Good stakeholder process are essential to this sharing of information and is a key principle of the way that SEEd works internally as well as externally.

Stakeholder processes also help in the development of partnership and collaborative working. SEEd news will let you know about consultations that you could get involved in.