Wellbeing report

The Environmental Audit committee’s fifteenth report deals with the correlation between people’s well-being and their background and circumstances — for example the link between well-being and people’s health, marital status or religion.

In November 2010, the Prime Minister launched a programme to measure well-being as well as economic statistics like ‘GDP’ in “measuring our progress as a country”. More than three years since then, quality of life is not yet receiving the same attention as economic metrics.

Report: Well-being

The Chair of the Committee, Joan Walley MP, said:

“Improving the quality of life in the UK for us and for future generations will depend on how well we measure social well-being and the free environmental services we all rely on to live – like pollination, fresh water and clean air. It is important that the momentum behind the Natural Capital Committee’s (NCC) work is maintained. With its current remit finishing at the time of the General Election, there is a risk that the required longer term changes it identifies will be overlooked. The Government should signal its continuing commitment to the NCC and its work by putting it on a long-term statutory footing and by responding formally to the NCC’s annual reports, starting immediately with its latest March 2014 report. I would like to see that Government response accepting the NCC’s key recommendation for a 25 year plan for improving natural capital.”