Warrington Collegiate supports and encourages its students to raise awareness of environmental and social sustainability issues in the college and in the local community.

Students are empowered to influence behaviour and attitudes by taking positive action.

‘We want students to be involved and make a difference,’ says Lorraine Disney, Deputy Principal. ‘Sustainable development is a major theme in the college’s plan and key to becoming an outstanding organisation. There are two main strands to our sustainability objectives – understanding sustainability, and sustainability in the curriculum. Sustainability is a theme within the citizenship programme and is an essential part of the vocational curriculum. We set a socially and ethically responsible agenda for all students and staff, to achieve the sustainability we need to balance the environment, society and economics.’

In 2011, students volunteered in the local community, raised money for local and
international charities, increased awareness of ethical clothing through fashion shows and of
climate change through flash-mobbing, and participated in national demonstrations. They
also organised events including a ‘Sustainability Day’, fashion shows and Fairtrade within the
college. Students organised these activities supported by the student liaison team.

Sustainable development is also embedded in the fashion curriculum; students undertake a project on recycling in fashion, in which they consider the industry’s social implications and its impact on
climate. They make clothes from recycled material, including their own designs.

Sustainability is also well embedded in the vocational curriculum. The college has invested in resources such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting, and land is provided for tree planting and growing vegetables. Harvested rainwater is used for washing tools and equipment and making mortar.

Read the Ofsted report.