IMG_0455A few weeks ago a group of my friends and family took to the roads of the New Forest in electric mini cars called Twizzies. Essentially these small two person cars are a marketing gimmick, enticing visitors to the area to hire these as oppose to more traditional modes of transport.

I can report back that these fun little cars (gimmicky or not) provided me with some hope that we are at least some way into the transfer from petrol to electric ways of fuelling our transport.

We arrived at a small holding for the cars where we were shown how to drive these intriguing little inventions, we were also then given a map and advised where the best pubs were located etc. What was encouraging to me was the amount of locations that have begun to boast charging points at arguably very remote and rural locations.

We decided to stop off at one pub to have lunch and make our way to another for dessert, both of these had charging points for us to make the most of (for free!). The only downside of these cars was their open windows meant you got very cold very quickly. This was a minor issue though, combatted by a very large warm apple crumble.

So the twizzies left me with a full belly, cold hands and a warm heart in the knowledge that slowly but surely electric charging points are become more and more widely available, paving the way for an easy transition from petrol to electric cars.

Taking a trip soon? Why not research sustainable alternatives in your location to get around!

Rachel Carruthers

Newsletter Editor