In collaboration with a number of other groups, our friends over at ThinkGlobal are truly ‘thinking global’ and have come up with a genius way to educate anyone and everyone about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The goals will be launched officially on the 25th September and in the following week Project Everyone is aiming to let the world know about them!

The education focus of Project Everyone is the Worlds Largest Lesson which is intended to get as many teachers around the world as possible to dedicate a lesson or a series of lessons on the SDG’s. ThinkGlobal have developed a set of fantastic lesson plans and resource pages to support the teaching of the goals in schools. These are intended to sit alongside an animation for children, a comic book and loads of other teacher resources from Worlds Largest Lesson

So… what’s stopping you becoming the change that your school and its pupils need?

Good Luck!