January 12, 2014

A 13-year-old’s guide to education

Logan Laplante, aged 13, talks at TEDx about eight themes, including exercise, diet and nutrition, and time in nature, which he thinks should be central to education. […]
January 3, 2014

Development Reader

Based on a series of seminars on global issues, this resource explores a range of topics such as child labour, gender, debt, trade, HIV, migration and […]
January 3, 2014

A Healthy Diet: Who Decides?

This pack is based round the diets of children from Ethiopia, Tajikistan and the UK and enables young people to explore the nutritional value of what we […]
December 6, 2013

The Good School Playground Guide

This guide, issued with Scotland in mind, is applicable UK-wide. It provides inspiration for creating spaces which stimulate physical activity and meet children’s developmental needs to […]
July 14, 2011

Every Child’s Future Matters

This paper explores the influence of the environment on children’s wellbeing and is written for everyone designing and delivering services that impact on children’s lives. Content: […]