September 16, 2015

ThinkGlobal’s Project Everyone: SDG’s in schools

In collaboration with a number of other groups, our friends over at ThinkGlobal are truly ‘thinking global’ and have come up with a genius way to […]
February 8, 2014

Ground Truth Studies Teacher Handbook

This is a primer on Global Change and Remote Sensing. It includes activities for elementary and secondary students, resources for teachers, a glossary, and colour plates. […]
January 3, 2014

All Kinds of … Homes

This is one in a series of colourful ‘lift the flap’ books which introduces young children to the idea of diversity in a warm and humorous way. It uses starting […]
January 3, 2014

Looking behind the Logo

This game by Oxfam, for 15-30 players at a secondary level, helps pupils understand how the global supply chain works, and why the system is so unfair to […]
November 13, 2013

Global Learning Programme

The GLP is aimed at Key Stages 2 and 3, developing critical thinking and understanding of issues such as poverty, inequality, sustainability and global responsibility, through […]
May 28, 2010

Top Tips to Develop the Global Dimension in Schools

There is a global dimension to every aspect of our lives and communities. This resource outlines how schools can become models of global citizenship, enriching their […]