Sustainable Schools

Sustainable Schools began as a government initiative in collaboration with the SDC over 5 years ago and was a result of the first Education SD Action Plan published in 2003.

The programme built on what had been mostly NGO supported developing practice and SEEd was engaged in helping the sector connect their work and programmes to the Sustainable Schools Framework.

An overview of the resources for this initiative can be found here:

In response to the government’s decision in 2010 to no longer directly support the Sustainable Schools initiative (England), SEEd and many other UK charities and organisations have come together to keep this important work visible and continuing.Drawing together the sector, SEEd sent a letter signed by a wide variety of these organisations to highlight the good work done and the benefits of sustainable schools. This was sent to the Rt Hon Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education. We received a response from Lord Hill of Oareford, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education and the Minister in charge of sustainability at the DfE. These are available below (download for higher quality):

For more information please visit the DfE website to see their recent statements including the latest referring to sustainability in schools, ‘What is sustainable development?’:

If you would like to be part of the growing Sustainable Schools Alliance, and hear of the latest developments, please contact, or go to