The Sustainable School’s Whole School Approach and the Sustainable Schools Alliance (SSA) membership programme for schools is a project of SEEd and helps schools embed sustainability and learning for sustainability throughout the school. The SSA a network of schools across the UK who are working towards a Whole School Approach and can apply for recognition of the work they do on an annual basis.

Sustainable Schools is a project of SEEd. The Framework is built on the principle of care – of oneself, of others and of the environment.

There are now 9 doorways in the framework which are approached through thinking about the Campus, Curriculum or Community. The Doorways are:

  • Food and Drink
  • Energy and Water
  • Travel and Traffic
  • Purchasing and Waste
  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Inclusion and Participation
  • Local Well-being
  • Global Dimension.

The following resources offer a range of informative resources designed for governors, bursars, pupils, teachers and school leaders, as well as those supporting schools such as local authorities and NGOs.

Before you start your sustainable school’s journey why not use SEEd’s baseline audit tool to find out what you are already doing and what you could also consider doing. Then make an action plan! You can also read our Whole Institution Approach Backgrounder to help you understand how this tool has been designed.

Our Attitudes to Sustainability surveys can also be used an audit tool to help you better understand your students’ and staffs’ knowledge, understanding, and attitudes to sustainability.

Embedded within this Policy & Practice brief on Whole Institution Approach to Sustainability are 8 policy, and 8 practice tips that SEEd developed with UNESCO. It includes all educational settings not just schools.

Sustainable Schools Framework