Local well-being is about recognising the potential of your school to be a centre of learning and a catalyst for positive change within the community it serves. Schools have the potential to become beacons of good practice for their communities and to inspire positive sustainable behaviour, not just through their teaching but also through their management and their engagement with local communities.

As such it links very clearly with the extended schools agenda, providing services which promote community cohesion, facilitating the strengthening of relationships and contributing to improvement of the local environment.*

By 2020 the government recommends that all schools are models of corporate citizenship within their local areas, enriching their educational mission with activities that improve the environment and quality of life of local people.

* Source: Manchester City Council (www.manchester.gov.uk)

Buildings and Grounds

The Sustainable Schools Alliance, is a project of SEEd and helps schools embed sustainability and learning for sustainability. It’s a network of Schools across the UK who are working towards a Whole School Approach.