Respecting and valuing individual differences and cultural diversity sits at the heart of education for sustainable development. Only by caring for – and understanding – others can we hope to create an inclusive environment in which everyone feels able to participate and contribute.

Schools have a key role to play in demonstrating their commitment to special needs, breaking down barriers and cultural divides, and instilling values of acceptance and tolerance that children and young people will carry with them throughout their lives. *

By 2020 the government recommends that all schools are models of social inclusion, enabling all pupils to participate fully in school life while instilling a long-lasting respect for human rights, freedoms, cultures and creative expression.

* Source: Manchester City Council (

Inclusion & Participation Doorway Resources

The Sustainable Schools Alliance, is a project of SEEd and helps schools embed sustainability and learning for sustainability. It’s a network of Schools across the UK who are working towards a Whole School Approach.