The Sustainable School’s Whole School Approach and the Sustainable Schools Alliance (SSA) membership programme for schools is a project of SEEd and helps schools embed sustainability and learning for sustainability throughout the school. The SSA is a network of schools across the UK who are working towards a Whole School Approach and can apply for recognition of the work they do on an annual basis.

Buildings and Grounds

Buildings & Grounds

Schools  can (and do) manage and, where possible, design their buildings in ways that visibly demonstrate sustainable development to everyone who uses the school. The school building and grounds can become a great action learning tool for the whole school community!

Energy and Water Doorway Educational Resources

Energy & Water

There is energy and carbon in everything! Schools can be models of learning how to be energy efficient across all their activities.  This may involve renewable energy and water  conservation, showcasing opportunities such as wind, solar and biomass energy, insulation, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling to everyone who uses the school.


Food & Drink

Food and drink link to many of the other doorways – energy, waste, nature and biodiversity and global citizenship. Schools can demonstrate strong commitment to the environment, social responsibility and animal welfare in their food and drink provision, and by maximising their use of local suppliers.

Global Dimension Doorway Resources

Global Dimension

Becoming a model of global citizenship, enriching schools educational mission and empathy in students with activities that improve the lives of people living in other parts of the world.

Inclusion & Participation Doorway Resources

Inclusion & Participation

Enabling all pupils to participate fully in school life while instilling a long-lasting respect for human rights, freedoms, cultures and creative expression. This might mean how they help design sustainability action learning projects, or have a voice in decision making – all important life lessons buidling to sustainability competencies

Local Wellbeing Doorway Resources

Local Wellbeing

Enriching a schools educational mission with activities that improve the local environment and quality of life of their local community is a great way to put sustainability into action.

Sustainability Attitudes

Nature & Biodiversity

Experiencing nature is being increasingly recognised as a critical element of young people’s time at school and wellbeing. As important is to think about all societal systems and how they relate to the environment – the cycles, the resources, the impacts.

Sustainable schools

Traffic & Travel

School traffic is a major contributor to carbon emissions, pollution and congestion in some areas. It also reduces students activity levels. Some students have identified alternatives, or been so concerned about pollution from idling cars that they have undertaken campaigns to stop this!


Purchasing & Waste

All schools can be models of waste minimisation and sustainable buying, using goods and services of high environmental and ethical standards from local sources where practicable.

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