Join the hundreds of people who’ve been filling out these surveys. They’ve been really helping us, and others who work with young people, learn what young people understand and want regarding sustainability.

Children’s Attitudes to Sustainability (Age 7 – 11)

Youth Attitudes to Sustainability (Age 12 – 25)

Adult Attitudes to Sustainability (Age 26+)

These surveys are free to use, and we would like to encourage you to use them with your students, group or school members, or colleagues, as much as possible. Not only can you use them to audit your school or class, but they’re also a fabulous tool for getting young people thinking about how they feel, what they are learning, and what they would like to learn.

Our Year 1 Youth Listening Project report is now available free to download. We think the results are really interesting. They are already informing the work that we do at SEEd and we hope you will find them useful. Click here to read and download.

If you filled out the surveys last year, please feel free to do so again this year!

As this is a longitudinal study it reflects upon learning and understanding captured across a five year period. This means we’re happy if you’d like to complete the surveys year on year. It also means that if you’d like to use them as an audit tool to understand your school, class or group’s attitudes and learning then you can ask them to re-complete it, and compare the results year on year.

We also ask that you share the surveys with your adult colleagues, friends and family. We are really interested in adults views as well as young people, and one of the most interesting parts of this research so far has been the differences between adults and young people’s views.

Just let us know if you would like to use the surveys as an audit tool and we’ll give you a code that respondents can enter at the end of the survey, this will allow us to separate those results out and send them back to you. Alternatively, just make sure that all your students/group members include their school or group name in their responses and email to get the results.

The surveys are, of course, anonymous, and no personal data is collected or stored.

For more information please visit our Sustainability Attitudes Page, or get in touch with Isa by emailing