At Southwood, children are prepared to become valued members of the local community.

They are involved in key decision-making in the school and the community. They are taught to develop a social and moral conscience and skills for the future, including conflict resolution and critical thinking.

The Sustainable Development agenda to care for ourselves, for each other and for the environment is all-embracing, is meaningful to our pupils and is at the heart of the school. It is integrated into all that we do in teaching and learning, in the development of our grounds, in how we manage the school buildings to reduce carbon emissions and improve our environment, and in our relationships with parents and the community. By engaging our pupils in key decision-making, which not only shapes our school but also has an impact on their families and the community, we are preparing them to be leaders in the communities in which they live. We also encourage our community into the school and value the richness a multicultural community brings to the school. Our recent partnership with Quainton School adds value to the experience of pupils in both schools.

Bryan Schram, Headteacher

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