A team of sustainability champions has spearheaded the way forward in the curriculum.  They have embedded sustainable development into most aspects of the vocational curriculum and monitor the progress of this inclusion.

They are developing a “kite mark” system which will indicate how far each curriculum areas is along its journey. One area which has made excellent progress is the ‘Steps’ course, where the themes of reduce, reuse and recycle are good motivators for learners.

Allie Stokes, Sustainability Champion and ‘Steps’ course leader, says:

“It’s very important that learners are engaged in practical activities which will motivate them and prepare them for life and work. Our course has always been ‘hands on’ and learners have learned to cook, travel and care for themselves as well as developing their core skills of literacy and numeracy. But in 2008 we obtained some land and since then our sustainable theme has really kicked off.”

The ‘3R’ theme is introduced to learners during induction with a visit to the local recycling centre. Further visits linked to sustainability include the Eden Centre and the Centre for Alternative Technology. Learners are also encouraged to bring materials in from home to recycle in the college’s recycling centre or to use on the course.