There are just a few remaining days in which you can donate to our crowdfunding campaign! We are raising money to support young people to take action in their local communities using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding framework. Through participation in this programme, which will be kicked off by a series of one-day events taking place across the country, young people will have the opportunity to develop their problem solving skills and creativity in order to tackle some of our most pressing local and global issues. As it is the young people who will be responsible for creating their own programmes, we cannot predict what initiatives they will choose to focus on – though we do have an inkling as to what is most likely to appear having run a number of pilot events and workshops. The purpose of the programme is to encourage young people to embark on their own self-directed learning action projects – so we are just as excited as you to see what they come up with!

Examples of what young people can achieve range from our fantastic 17-year old youth ambassador, George Rosenfeld, whose achievements are truly staggering – you can read more from him in his Huffington Post article, to SEEd trustee Cherish Watton who set up her own enterprise based on her combined interests in fostering environmental opportunities for young people and website design. The final example is of 14 year-old Mya Rose who I discovered online after she contacted SEEd regarding attendance at our Young Change Makers for the Sustainable Development Goals seminar back in June 2016.  I was inspired to discover that, at the same time as we were organising our event, Mya was organising her very own conference, Race Equality in Nature, aiming to increase the ethnic diversity in nature. She has also set up Black2Nature with the aim of working with organisations to increase the access to nature of BAME people. Mya has been listed as one of Bristol’s most influential young people. You can also check out her blog site here.

We only have until the 20th January to turn this goal into a reality and every little really does help as Santander are interested in providing us with matched funding on anything we raise! Details on how to donate can be found here.