Things to Read

United we are Unstoppable – Is an inspiring and moving collection of essays from young people across the world who share their stories of fighting climate change. The collection highlights the broad range of issues affecting young people globally through insight into their experiences, including those who are already witnessing the devastating effects of the climate crisis, as well as the innovative solutions they have identified. Read More

‘It’s going to be our way now’: the guerrilla rewilder shaking up British farming – UK Farmer Derek Gow talks to The Guardian about the massive rewilding project running on his farm, reintroducing species such as beavers, water voles, wildcats, storks, and more. Read More.

Sixteen-year-old Dara McAnulty wins Wainwright prize for nature writing – Dara’s debut, Diary of a Young Naturalist, chronicles his journey as an autistic fifteen-year-old juggling school, friendships, and environmental campaigning. He is the youngest person to win this literary prize, and the book has been hailed as an astute and candid work that should be included in the National Curriculum because of it’s importance for youth voice and the climate crisis. Read More and watch the interview with Dara online.

UK Climate Assembly on Covid-19 Economic Recovery – The first UK climate assembly made up of members of the public is calling for a tax on frequent flyers, a ban on selling SUVs, and a cut in meat consumption as part of the Covid-19 economic recovery. The final report said the pandemic recovery should be used to tackle the climate crisis and drive the country towards it’s 2050 net zero target. Read More.

Unicef Child Wellbeing Report Card 16 – This report looks at data collected on child wellbeing from 42 different countries, exploring children’s experiences against the backdrop of their country’s policies and social, educational, economic and environmental contexts, and also highlights a direct link between the amount of time children spend playing outside and their overall happiness. Read More.

Green Teen Memes: How Tik Tok could save the Planet – This article explores the growing subculture of young eco activists on the popular video and social media app Tik Tok, and how this could support the growing environmental movement. Read More.

‘Fear of failure’ giving UK children lowest happiness levels in Europe – The annual Good Childhood Report has found that UK children have the lowest levels of life satisfaction across Europe, with factors such as child poverty, school pressures, and fear of failure cited as reasons. Read More.

The Circular Classroom: A Free Toolkit for Activating the Circular Economy through Experiential Learning – Leyla Acaroglu talks about The Circular Classroom, a free toolkit that aims to integrate circular thinking into secondary classrooms, to support the development of more creative professional roles and help design a future about social, economic, and environmental benefits. Read More.

Things to Do

Voices of Youth – Is UNICEF’S digital platform for young people to share and voice their concerns and opinions, including taking action on climate change. UNICEF recognises that Climate change is a direct threat to a child’s ability to survive, grow, and thrive, and as a result of this is dedicated to raising youth voices on the climate crisis. Youth for Climate Action. Voices of Youth.

Youth Climate Summit 2020 – Schools from across the UK are invited to come together online for a week long virtual festival where students can explore and discuss the climate and ecological crisis, and take action to help build a more sustainable planet. Young people can become ambassadors and talk at the event, schools can support the summit by proposing a virtual event or hosting a virtual summit day. 9th – 13th November 2020. Read More.

First student-led London Schools Eco-Network Zoom of the term next Thursday 17th Sept 6-7pm – Any London based Y10+ student can sign up to represent your school, and calls are expected to continue fortnightly, with face-to-face meetings when possible. Email Dr Jessica Tipton with the names of any staff and students who would like to take part to find out more. Read More.

Our Future, Our Voices – Is a virtual summit lead by, for, and with, young people through the International Youth Foundation. The week-long event will explore a wide range of sustainability and climate related issues, and feature a range of speakers from youth changemakers to sector leaders and academics. October 26th – 30th 2020. Read More.

Mock COP26 – Is a two week, virtual, youth-led event in place of COP26 that aims to unite young people and climate activists across the world by promoting international collaboration to combat the climate and ecological crisis. There is a full line-up of youth speakers, keynote speeches, debate panels, and facilitated workshops. Young people can apply to speak at the event, and other roles are also available. November 2020. Read More.

Youth Against Carbon Conference 2020 – Zurich are hosting the UK’s first carbon-neutral eco-summit designed specifically to give young people a voice in the debate. Live streamed on Instagram TV, YAC Con will be hosted by award winning science expert and TV presenter, Maddie Moate and will include a panel of well-known, young green campaigners, including Kids Against Plastic, Mikaela Loach and Birdgirl Mya-Rose. Zurich are looking for three more young people to join their Youth Against Carbon Panel. 13th October 2020. Read More.

Hammersmith & Fulham climate & ecological emergency plans – Have your say in the council’s climate and ecological emergency plans by telling them your views and sharing your ideas for change. Read More.

Youth Against Carbon Conference – In response to the postponement of COP26 Zurich are hosting the first Youth Against Carbon Conference to give young people a voice in the climate debate. The panel debate will be live-streamed, and Zurich are there are still three spaces available for young people who would like to join the debate. Tuesday 13th October. Read More.

Outdoor Classroom Day – The 5th of November is Outdoor Classroom Day, you can join the movement and celebrate outdoor play and learning both in and out of school. This years theme is ‘Love the Outdoors’ and there are plenty of ideas for things you can do online, as well as advice on how you can make sure you’re covid-safe too. Read More.

Organic September 2020 – Soil Association are asking people across the UK to sign up and help raise awareness of the environmental, climate, ecological, and health benefits of organic food and farming. There are loads of ways you can get involved, including learning more about organic foods, banishing common myths, joining in the community, learning to grow your own organic food, and attending events throughout the month. Read More.

Treedom – Is an online platform allowing you to buy a tree (choose from lots of different types and see what their carbon offset is), and then follow the progress of it’s life online. Buy one for yourself, or gift one for someone else. You can also buy subscriptions to keep planting more trees. Since it’s conception in 2010 Treedom has planted over 1,000,000 trees in Africa, South America, and Italy. Read More.

The Promise – Is a new nature film based on the children’s picture book of the same name, it launches on the week of  the 12th October and The Promise team want to support primary schools looking to bring more nature into their school by offering a free screening and accompanying teaching resources. Read More.

Things to See

Gresham College – Have shared many past lectures online as free to watch videos. Just search the database for interesting and informative lectures from top professors covering all aspects of climate and the environment. Read More.

Reboot the Future: Rebooting Education – Earlier this year Reboot the Future launched a global discussion called #RebootingEducation to find out how educators, students, global thought leaders, businesses and the general public reimagined education for a sustainable future. Four leading themes emerged from this discussion: Values, Connection, Learners Voice, and Global Perspective. You can watch the full online discussion and read the report online. Read More.

Call to Unite – Sir Ken Robinson shares his thoughts on how we can seize the opportunity to transform how we educate our children, and how we approach our relationship with the world we live in. Watch the video. Discover more about The Call to Unite.

Things to Learn

Zero Waste Week – While this years Zero Waste Week has just passed (7th – 11th September 2020), you can still access their website and database of great waste resources, including talks, lesson plans, guides, workshops, and other materials. Read More.

Advancing Education for Sustainable Development: Key success factors for policy and practice by World Future Council – This policy handbook aims to provide a solid framework of principles and good practice in ESD and identifies 12 key success factors of ESD policy. Read More.

20+ Sustainable Podcasts to Inspire you – Pebble Magazine has put together this collection of sustainability podcasts spanning a wide range of sustainability issues. Read through the descriptions and try listening to some; eco chat, actionable steps to take in our lives, wildlife, health, conversations with industry specialists, climate optimism, climate activism, sustainable fashion, and more. Read More.