SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, See and Learn – November 2021


Education Secretary puts climate change at the heart of education – Young people will be empowered to take action on the environment as part of new measures designed to put climate change at the heart of education. Read More.

Progress at COP26 – Fresh hope that the world might avoid catastrophic global heating emerged from two studies released at COP26 during its first week. Both suggested humanity is on track to limit temperature rises to a shade under 2C. Read More.

Why Now Is the Time To Decolonise And Decarbonise Our Education System – To live in an equitable future, we must come to terms with our past so that we break the cycle of repeated atrocities and build a better, fairer and greener world. “Climate education must be intertwined into every subject, in a way that is accessible to everyone” Read More.

Four in 10 young people fear having children due to climate crisis – Global survey finds most 16–25-year-olds worry a lot about the future, and many feel failed by governments. Read More.

Earthshot Prize winners and Finalists at COP26 – The Earthshot Prize Finalists and Winners have come together for the first time in-person at COP26 where they joined Prince William at the World Leaders Summit, displaying their ground-breaking environmental solutions in front of Heads of State and Government delegations. Read More.

Unions call for quality Climate Education – Read the British and Irish Teaching Unions’ open letter for quality Climate Education. “It is imperative education systems are strengthened to face the climate crisis.” Read More.

Meet the educators using science to teach kindness – How would our world look if the next generation became leaders in kindness? These teachers are using science to help children understand what happens to our brains when we’re kind. Read More.

39 International Publishers Join Together for First Streamed Virtual Book Showcase in Support of UN’s COP26 Meeting – Over 150 books focussing on climate change and sustainability from 39 German, French and English-language publishers can now be freely read, browsed and searched as part of an unprecedented and innovative virtual showcase, created in support of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. Read More.


Did you COP that? – Starting today (17th November) is the first in a series of four discussion webinars from Our Shared World asking: What next for education after the UN Climate Conference. Sign Up. Visit the Our Shared World website.

ASE Annual Conference 2022 – This science education conference runs from the 5th – 8th January 2022 at Sheffield Hallam University, with International Day being delivered Online on 12th January. Read More.

Climate Imagination Fellowship – Too often, our only climate stories are ones of warning and alarm. To help us build pathways forward to a vibrant, thriving decarbonized future, we also need inspiring stories that can catalyse action in the present. Read More.

Clim8 Invest – Is a new investment platform offering portfolio’s which only deal with investment avenues that contribute towards climate solutions which work towards the SDG’s and help generate real impact. Read More.

Cli-Fi Imaginarium – The group With Many Roots run a virtual fortnightly meet-up to discuss how they’d change the future of the world’s climate via their science fiction writing. Read More.

COP26 Educators’ Commitment to Climate Action – SOS and Teach the Future are calling on teachers, educators, education leaders/managers, and individuals or organisations worldwide involved in training current and future educators; pledge your commitment to progressing climate education. Read More.

The World Education Summit – The World Education Summit unites tens of thousands of inspired educators to share, discuss, inspire and put learning centre stage. 21 – 24th March 2022, online. Read More.


The Joint Event of Education and Environment Ministers Summit – Together for Tomorrow: Education and Climate Action – Watch the online recording of this event which brings together Education Ministers, Ministers responsible for Climate Change and young people to discuss the importance of education in creating climate positive futures. Read More.

Ecoflix – Is a not-for-profit global streaming platform dedicated to saving animals and the planet. Watch uplifting, original and informative animal and nature programs on your TV, laptop, tablet and phone. Read More.


Keeping it Wild Traineeships – There are 5 full-time, four-month, paid placements available starting in London in January 2022, for young people aged 16 – 25 interested in a career in nature conservation. Apply by 30th November. Read More.

Environment Act 2021 – This Parliamentary Bill to make provision about targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment has recently been given Royal Assent. Read More.

ASE Autumn webinar series on Environmental Education – These webinars are free to view online and have an overarching focus on Environmental Education in the classroom. Read More.

Green Jobs – The Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry looks at the jobs, skills and training needed to achieve the UK’s longer-term climate and environmental ambitions, and how these jobs can help tackle the unemployment rise following COVID-19. Read More.