Inadequate – the system failing our teachers and our children – I have been enjoying the following book and would highly recommend it for those of you thinking about ‘build back better’ or Rebooting the education systems. I have been recommending it to the many networks we are in and in a Round Table discussion for EAUC. By Priya Lakhani. Read More.

Green Schools Globally – Eco-schools, green schools, sustainable schools or whatever they have been called can be found all over the world in various guises. This book brings together a wealth of them and I was able to contribute to the UK Chapter with Elsa Lee and Paul Vare. It’s available as an eBook as well as hard copy. Read More.

Climate heroes: the countries pioneering a green future – This cheering article from The Guardian’s Jonathon Watts explores some of the great work being done by countries around the world to create a sustainable future. Read More.

Five new circular economy centres backed with £22.5m government funding – The new centres will work across the textiles, construction, chemical, and metal industries in Britain, with the aim of helping move the country into an environmentally beneficial circular economy. Read More.  

“THEY’RE ALL HAVING SUMMITS, WHY DON’T WE?” – The first Lewes Tree Summit 2020 brought together over 100 people from the forestry industry and the general public to discuss the future of forestry in the region. This write-up explores some of the key points, issues and themes explored during the day, and plans made looking to the future. Also highlighted are the online resources available for teachers, and the RAIN schools programme. Read More.

HELPING YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT GO GREEN: IT TAKES A SYSTEM – Tim Baird talks about why change must take place on multiple levels to be sustainable, and why a systems approach is critical to this. He looks at the actionable steps you can take to help your school district go green. Read More.

These are the top 10 job skills of tomorrow – and how long it takes to learn them – The World Economic Forum has identified 10 key skills that workers will need to develop in the coming years, and estimate that half of all employees will need to upskill in the next five years to meet the demands of a post-pandemic economy and advancing technology. We can see a strong overlap here with many ESD skills. Read More.

The Drawdown Review – Project Drawdown’s mission is to provide climate solutions that bring us towards a decline in greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, their new publication ‘The Drawdown Review’ includes 10 new key insights for possibility and action across sectors. Read More.

Daycares in Finland Built a ‘Forest Floor’, And It Changed Children’s Immune Systems – An experiment in Finland has found a notable difference in the gut microbes of children accessing nature environments and those accessing urban play environments. Read More.

SEVEN LESSONS FOR LEADERS IN SYSTEMS CHANGE – Centre for Ecoliteracy are offering seven key lessons for educators and change agents tackling system change, built from their work with thousands of educators over the years. Read More.

The Uninhabitable Earth – This book by David Wallace-Wells provides, in prose, a real and terrifying overview of the reality humans face on Earth if the threat of climate change is not mitigated. Read More


UN Global Compact Network UK Climate Forum – This two-day conference and forum has been organised to ensure that despite the restrictions of Covid-19 the climate conversation continues to be advanced and actioned. The forum brings together leaders in business, government, and civil society, and has a focus on how businesses can successfully move into a net zero carbon future. 24th – 26th November, register for the event online. Read More.

Let’s Go Zero 2030 – Is a network uniting schools across the UK who are working towards being carbon zero by 2030. The national campaign is demanding Government back zero carbon schools, and by signing up and sharing what you’re doing you’ll be showing your support for change, and your school can be part of that campaign. Read More.

Virtual Climate Conference for years 8-12 – InterClimate Network and Liverpool World Centre have organised a virtual climate conference for Merseyside Schools on the 2nd December, designed to help students deepen their understanding of climate issues, and how they and others can bring about change. Read More.

Class activity: November – Sustainability for Global Citizenship – Global Dimension and Reboot the Future bring you monthly themed class activities to help you and your students explore global issues. The class activities are designed to accompany their Global Learning Wallplanner. Suitable for KS2 – KS4. Read More.

Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme – This new Government Grant offers coverage of 100% of the costs of decarbonisation heating projects, and other carbon reduction technologies. Schools, and other public and council owned buildings may apply. This is a competitive pot and consists of application rounds with closing dates, check their website to see updated dates. Read More.


TEDx Stroud Women – This online event on the 21st March 2021 features nine amazing Stroud Women, including SEEd’s Ann Finlayson, talking on the theme of ‘Emergence’, and how in this turbulent world new ideas and ways of thinking will come into the light. Read More.

The Maps that show Life is slowly getting Better – With the advent of satellite technology has come a new way to explore our changing world through maps, this series of interactive maps offer a visual perspective on the rise of green energy, digital access, worldwide education, and life length. Read More.

A Life on Our Planet – David Attenborough’s inspirational film about Our Planet is available to watch at screenings across the UK, find out where there’s one near you, or host your own as an individual, a community member, or a school. Read More.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 Winners – View the incredible photographs of our beautiful world that have won this year’s competition in each category. Read More.


Pioneers Monthly – Is a new online newsletter from RAIN showcasing activities, networking opportunities, lesson plans and advice to help your school on it’s sustainability journey. Signing up online is free and back issues will be available to go back to and utilise again and again. Read More.

Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals – Written by three authors who engaged in the development of the goals, this book offers a unique insight into their development, and the world of high-level government negotiations. Read More.

The People and Nature Survey for England: Children’s survey (Experimental Statistics) – Natural England have recently published the initial results from their survey looking at children’s interactions with and experience of nature during the covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions. Read More.

Coursera – Is a free online learning platform where you can take a range of courses and upskill your knowledge and understanding, there are options to get accredited certificates on completion. Range of courses in climate change, sustainability, renewable energies, and more, just search for environmental science and sustainability. Courses are online, flexible, and many can be completed within your own time frame. Read More.

The Outdoor Teacher – Offers a range of courses in forest school, outdoor learning and nature connection for outdoor educators. Courses are not free, and usually cost around £30. They also offer a foundation training course package, and online courses. Read More.