SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, See, and Learn – March 2022


Impact of COVID-19 on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the context of twin transition by Ann Finlayson, Monica Moso-Diez, Violeta Orlovic Lovren – This EENEE Analytical Report examines the impacts of COVID-19 on education for sustainable development (ESD). “The report shows how some of the policy responses to the crisis caused by the pandemic enable or challenge the promotion of ESD. It also suggests recommendations for future promotion and adoption of ESD that are structured according to the five UNESCO 2020-2030 Roadmap priority areas.” Read More.

Is battling back-to-back disasters distracting us from fighting the climate crisis? – Jeff Sparrow looks at how disaster events caused by climate change are already making parts of the world difficult to live in, but how these individual events appear to be distracting leaders from dealing with the root cause. Read More.

Historic day in the campaign to beat plastic pollution: Nations commit to develop a legally binding agreement – On the 2nd of March 175 Nations agreed to negotiate an international treaty within two years to end plastic pollution. Read More.

Six key lifestyle changes can help avert the climate crisis, study finds – A new study encourages relatively well-off people to make ‘The Jump’ and commit to the six pledges, which, if carried out by enough people and Governments, could reign in the runaway consumption that’s partly driving climate crisis. Read More.

How to increase Biodiversity in your Garden – As we move into Spring proper it’s a perfect time to get back out into your garden or outdoor space and support it’s biodiversity; this helpful article from Pebble Magazine offers some tips and tricks. Read more.

The missing ingredient to fight the climate crisis: positive fictional role models – Evidence suggests that regular exposure to green role models in media leads to increased positive behaviour change in viewers through narrative transportation. Read More.

State of Britain’s Hedgehogs 2022 by People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) – The UK’s hedgehog population has been in serious decline for several years now, but recent research suggests that in response to many campaigns urging people to make their gardens hedgehog friendly numbers – especially urban numbers – are picking up again. Read More.

UN ocean treaty is ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to protect the high seas – There are currently few restrictions on what activities countries can carry out on the oceans, and only 1.2% of this marine area is protected; negotiations on an international treaty are underway. Read More.


Climate Wise Hero Writing Competition – This competition for Primary School age children is open until the 31st March, young people are invited to write a story about their climate hero and email it to Climate Wise for a chance to win a bundle of goodies and have their story published on the website. Read More.

Great Big Green Week 2022 – The Climate Coalition are hosting monthly community meet up sessions; the next session will be 16th March with a focus on why engaging new and non-climate focused groups is important. Read More.

GAIA 20:30 Biodiversity Best Practice Competition – LEAF, YRE, Eco-Schools and EcoCampus teachers & students are invited to submit one current or previous project around the topic of biodiversity. Submit online before April 15th. Read More.

FEE Global Action Days – From the 20th – 30th April schools are invited to participate in small, positive actions, or #handprints, that protect, restore and celebrate global biodiversity. Read More.

Green Stories Short Video Competition – Submit a short video (5 mins) which raises awareness of the role fictional role models play in promoting sustainability and sustainable attitudes across society. Open to adults (18+), closes on 31st May, free to enter. Read More.

Climate Science Olympiad 2022 – This student competition is open to young people aged 12 – 25, who can enter either solo or as a pair. There are four rounds during which students are invited to consider and propose solutions to climate problems. Register by August 2022. Read More.


Environmental Literacy Webinar – Join FEE’s Senior Director of Education on Monday 28th March to explore what environmental literacy is and how it can be used to shape outcomes for environmental education activities in schools. Read More.


Your Guide to Birdsong – As we launch into spring, RSPB have launched a new series of guides on identifying birdsong, beginning with what you might hear in your local park or garden. Read More.

Masters in Global Learning – This distance learning MA offered by UCL begins in September 2022 and incorporates Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education. “This online degree will equip you to incorporate global learning into your educational practice, and apply it through policy or research, thereby advancing global social justice and sustainability.” Open for applications until 31st March. Read More.

Learning About Forests and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Teacher’s Guide by Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature – This guide has been created as a planning tool for teachers wishing to link learning about forests to the SDG’s; it contains topic suggestions, activity proposals, teaching objectives, and topic links. Read More.

Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability by IPCC – The second part of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report shows how human-induced climate change is already causing widespread disruption to human and natural systems across the world, and stresses the importance of action and the dire consequences of inaction. Read More.  

The Human Impact of Climate Change by Oxfam – These classroom resources for ages 9 – 16 use stories, film, and role-play to investigate the links between climate change and human rights. Read More.

Climate, Nature, and How to Make a Difference – Is a short, interactive, online course offered by AimHi Earth designed to equip you with the motivation, resources and knowledge needed to drive individual, collective and systemic change. Read More.