Activists hail Biden’s use of security powers to boost clean energy – The US President has invoked the Defence Production Act, a cold war-era law used to compel businesses to ramp up production of certain materials to aid national security, to boost the output of solar panels. Read More.

Fifty Years After the UN’s Stockholm Environment Conference, Leaders Struggle to Realize its Vision of ‘a Healthy Planet’ – Representatives from around the world gathered in Stockholm last week alongside environmentalists, protestors, academics, and other interested parties to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. Read More.

Britain’s first wetland ‘super reserve’ – and why it’s so significant – A new 15,000-acre super reserve in Somerset will link together a mosaic of wetland habitats, supporting biodiversity, and increasing the landscapes ability to sequester carbon through maintaining healthy peatlands. Read More.

World’s First Youth-Led Climate Lessons Span 4 Continents and An Ocean – An international network of youth activists are running coordinated climate crisis sessions to inform and empower tens of thousands of young people from Peru to South Korea. Read More.

Climate change: New Zealand’s plan to tax cow and sheep burps – The new plan would make New Zealand the first nation to charge farmers for the methane emissions from the animals they keep. Read More.


Freedom to Breathe – Are working to make children’s right to breathe clean air an officially recognised part of the UNCRC. Young people aged 17 and under can share their thoughts on their rights, the environment, and climate change. Consultation open until June 30th. Read More. Direct link to the Young People’s Consultation.

Make Education not War: campaign to support Ukrainian teachers and their students – Global Action Plan are working with teachers in Ukraine to continue education, they’re asking for donations to contribute towards extra resources for those teachers and their students. Read More.

#SpottingNature Challenge – You can take part in Gaia 20:30’s Spotting Nature challenge up until the 30th June by posting a picture or short video of your favourite nature spot, it’s facts and species, and sharing the challenge with others. Read More.

Deep Time, Being a Good Ancestor – Join Reboot the Future for their upcoming Imaginal Conversation on Deep Time, part of a series of facilitated online group conversations where participants can explore values, connection, and callings. 12th July. Read More.

Plastic Free July – The challenge is designed to support you, your community, or your school, in reducing single use plastics throughout July. There are resources and ideas online to help you get involved, plus take the quiz to be part of their research. Read More.


Meet the 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners – Each year, the Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to grassroots environmental champions from around the world. Read More.

World Rainforest Day Global Summit – 22nd June 2022 is World Rainforest Day, a marker founded in 2017 to recognise the importance of healthy rainforests, and supporting a global movement to sustain and restore them. The virtual global summit taking place on the same day is free and open to anyone who’s interested. Read More.

World Youth Skills Day – takes places on the 15th July 2022 and celebrates equipping young people with skills for employment, with an emerging highlight on the world’s transition to sustainable development. You can join the online interactive panel discussion on the day. Read More.


2021 Annual Report: FEE – This report highlights FEE’s progress on protecting global biodiversity, key partnerships, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, updates from their programmes, and highlights from 2022, including the General Assembly, and COP26. Read More.

Placing people at the heart of climate action: Patrick Devine-Wright, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Birgitta Gatersleben, Saffron O’Neill, Sarah Hartley, Kate Burningham, Benjamin Sovacool, Stewart Barr, Jillian Anable – This paper explores how achieving the urgent and necessary transformations laid out in the recently published IPCC report will require placing people, and not just technological advancements, at the heart of climate action. Read More.

Regenesis: Feeding the World without devouring the Planet: George Monbiot – In his new book Monbiot takes a long, hard, honest look at our food systems and the agriculture industry and shares a vision of a new future for food and for humanity. Read More.