The Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill – The new bill making its way through the House of Lords seeks to ‘make provision in the national curriculum regarding sustainable citizenship and protection of the environment’, and utilises SEEd’s campaign to change the education act by amending section 78(1)(c) of the 2020 Education Act – general requirements in relation to curriculum – by adding: ‘instils an ethos and ability to care for oneself, others and the natural environment, for present and future generations’. Read More. You can follow the bill’s progress through Parliament here.

G7 in Cornwall: Hundreds on streets and in sea for protests – During the G7 Summit hundred of people from various organisations including Surfers Against Sewage, Greenpeace, and Extinction Rebellion, took to the streets and seas to emphasise concerns around the climate crisis. Read More. You can also read about the G7 Summit’s pledges on climate action here.

G7 leaders depicted in Mount Recyclemore e-waste sculpture – Artist Joe Rush and tech business Music Magpie, along with other artists, created this giant sculpture out of e-waste, to highlight the growing crisis of this kind of waste. The sculpture was displayed near the G7 Summit, and will be relocated to Stockport nr Manchester. Read More.

Rewilding from beyond the grave: the burial plots that heal broken landscapes – This new startup offers people the opportunity to purchase an acre of land as their burial plot which will be turned into forest after their death. Read More.  

Khe Nuoc Trong: A special World Environment Day update on the reserve saved by carbon balanced supporters – This World Land Trust blog dissects the impact in annual climate benefits carbon offsetting and protected nature reserves and woodlands have. Read More.

UK’s first deep geothermal project gathers steam – The United Downs project, near Redruth, Cornwall, is now undergoing final testing and, if all goes as planned, should be exporting electricity to the grid by 2022. Read More.

Zero emission passenger blimps – UK based company Hybrid Air Vehicles, have recently announced plans for new low-carbon 100-seater airships, five of which will be ready to begin shipping people on short-haul routes in 2025. The CO2 footprint per passenger would be about 75 per cent lower than on a plane. Read More.

Young country diary: an A-Z of my nature walk – Robin Hood’s Bay, North York Moors: My mum and I went on a walk one afternoon in May, and this is what we saw. Read More.


BBC Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge – Is a national competition open to children aged 6 – 12, the aim is to design a bright, buzzy garden that will attract bees and other pollinators; the winner will have their design built by RHS at an NHS Trust site. Closes 5th July 2021. Read More.

Butterfly Conservation’s Big Butterfly Count – This UK-wide survey runs from the 16th July to the 8th August, and asks you to count and record the amount and type of butterflies and day flying moths you see during that time. Read More.

Responsible Business and SDG’s Summit – UN Global Compact Network UK are hosting an interactive digital event featuring a series of critical discussions over the course of two days: 20-21 July, 2021. Bringing together CEOs, business experts, CSOs, Investors and High-Level Government United Nations, and civil society representatives to address sustainability challenges. Read More.

Essay Competition: Education as if People and Planet Matter – The closing date for this essay competition is coming up soon; enter your 1,000-1,500-word essay on ‘Education as if people and planet matter’ before the 1st of July! Read More.

World Ocean Day – World Ocean Day was the 11th June 2021, but even if your school missed it you can still access and download loads of resources and great ideas for ocean themed things to do with your students. Read More.

Tell Boris Johnson: Be a leader in tackling plastic – Greenpeace are hosting a campaign asking you to use social media to call on the UK Government to take responsibility for the waste and plastic we produce. Read More.

High-level Panel: Business Transition to a Net Zero and Resilient World – This event by UN Global Compact Network is part of the London Climate Action Week on July 1st, and will kick off a series of events on Climate Action in the run up to COP26. Read More.

Wave of Hope – Is a coalition come together to overcome global challenges and celebrate the resilience and kindness of our communities. Ahead of the G7 summit this June, and COP26 in November, you can sign up to Wave of Hope to show world leaders you want them to commit to a better, sustainable, world. Read more.

Trainhugger – Is a new way to book train journeys; they’re committed to helping make rail travel carbon neutral, and will plant a tree in the UK for every ticket you book. Read More.  

UK Government: Fix the UK’s plastic waste crisis now – This petition from Greenpeace calls on the Government to stop dumping our plastic waste on other countries, halve our single plastic use, and roll out a bottle return scheme, you can add your name. Read More.

Time for the UK to deliver real leadership – This petition calls on the government to stop new fossil fuel projects; introduce legislation that stops funding of climate harmful industries; protect forests, oceans, and nature; and increase funds for climate action. Read More.


How to change the world: the free event offering solutions to global issues – ChangeNOW is a virtual summit featuring thought leaders, innovators and Sir David Attenborough. The three-day event took place at the end of May and brought together international voices dedicated to making positive change in the world. You can watch the recorded events online. Read More.

Sea Stories: Live from 2050: The Great Imagining & National Maritime Museum – Launched to mark World Oceans Day on 8th June 2021, ‘Live from 2050’ is the first in a series of audio ‘Sea Stories’ which follows two time travellers as they enter the oceans of 2050 where new protective laws have allowed ocean biodiversity to flourish. Read More.


Do we take the benefits of nature for granted?: Votes for Schools – The results from this survey feature views and opinions from over 24,000 young people across the UK; also showing results from previous years, and demographic insights into participating students. Read More.

UK business and policy leadership for net zero: analysis of progress to reduce emissions: University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership – This new report analyses the progress the UK has made towards reducing emissions and meeting its 2030 targets, and looks at the role that policy and clear, sector-specific ambitions have played in supporting the transition. Read More.

Heat: How We Can Stop the Planet Burning: George Monbiot – This is George Monbiot’s rigorous investigation into climate crisis solutions, demonstrating that we can make the necessary carbon cut without bringing civilisation to an end through transforming our houses, power, and transport with a massive programme of action by the Government. Read More.