SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, See and Learn – January 2022


England’s Rewilding Plans – The Government’s Local Nature Recovery Initiative, and Landscape Recovery Project are set to launch in 2024, with plans to have impacted an area roughly the size of Lancashire by 2042. Read More.  

What is a climatarian diet? Can it save the world? – Pebble magazine have been looking into what exactly a climatarian diet is, and what kind of sustainability impact it could have. Read More.

Conversations for a Life Economy – The Institute for Ecological Civilisation and Reboot the Future will be releasing a series of talks aimed at closing the space between private emotion and public action, and engaging leaders in transformational conversations to shift to a system that works towards the wellbeing of all life on our planet. Read More.

Living life to the greenest: the sustainability trends that will dominate in 2022 – Positive News spoke to green-living experts on the trends that will be at the forefront this year. Read More.

Why our secret weapon against the climate crisis could be humour – This article looks at how we might be able to utilise comedy to get more people talking about the climate crisis. Read More.


UNECE Call for Papers – The UNECE ESD Youth Platform and UNECE Steering Committee on ESD are inviting submissions of papers and/or case studies on youth and ESD, in particular “Good practices on the engagement of youth in education for sustainable development in the UNECE region”. Deadline 24th January. Read More.

Wanted: 1,000 worm-loving food waste alchemists – The Urban Worm CIC has 1,000 packs of composting tiger worms to send out to schools, community groups, and households, find out how to request yours. Read More.

Global Questionnaire informing UN guidance on children’s environmental rights – The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is inviting people from around the world to complete a questionnaire that will help shape official UN guidance on how children’s rights are impacted by the environmental crisis and what governments must do to uphold these rights. Closes 15th February 2022. Read More.

Call for Applications: Child Advisors to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child – The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is launching their Child Advisory Team and are accepting applications from children and young people under 18 and passionate about children’s rights and the environment. Read More.

Greenpeace Youth Speakers – Greenpeace are accepting applications from young people aged 18-25 to get involved with their campaigns and deliver talks across the country. Applications close on 31st January 2022. Role Description/Person Specification. Application Form.

The Climate Coalition: Green Hearts – The Climate Coalition are asking you to create a green heart, at home or in your community, to influence your local MP this February. Read More.

Partner with European schools on Climate – I-CAN will be reopening its forum registrations in early 2022 so you can connect with other schools in Italy, Hungary, and France. Read More.

Non-Violent Action for Change in Schools – Liverpool World Centre are looking for schools to take part in two twilight sessions designed to introduce your pupils to the impact of Non-Violent Action as a force for change. Read More.


Arne Nature Reserve Live Webcams – Live feeds from around the Arne Reserve, and a live bird feeder cam, allow you to see what the birds on the reserve are getting up to. Read More.

Green Planet – The latest documentary from David Attenborough and the BBC explores the amazing world of plants, you can also order a free double-sided poster online. Read More.

Environmental Education: Seeding Change – This years Edge Annual Lecture focused on the need to integrate the environment into education system. Read and watch the highlights from the lecture online. Read More.


Bird ID Guide – To help you identify your garden or local nature area visitors RSPB have put together a few pages of resources on learning about and identifying small birds. Read More.

Earthshot: How to Save Our Planet – EARTHSHOT: How to Save Our Planet transports readers around the world, exploring the great environmental challenges we face and discovering incredible solutions being developed to address them. Read More.

Understanding Food and Climate Change: An Interactive Guide – This guide from Centre for Ecoliteracy uses video, photography, text, and interactive experiences to help educators, students, and advocates learn how food and climate systems interact and how personal choices can make a difference. Read More.