SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, See and Learn – February 2022


UK pupils failed by schools’ teaching of climate crisis, experts say – Britain’s children are being failed by schools when it comes to learning about the climate crisis, with the subject often wholly missing from the curriculum, side-lined, or mis-taught. Read More.

World’s first legally binding global treaty to slash plastic pollution could be agreed by 2024 – Nations will gather in Kenya’s capital Nairobi in a fortnight’s time for talks that will look to kickstart formal negotiations for a treaty to curb the manufacture and use of a wide range of plastics. Read More.

Blooming flowers, fledgling birds… the UK’s spring is early, and always will be – Several organisations are reporting an ongoing trend in much earlier sightings of plants, animals, and birds that in some cases wouldn’t normally be seen for at least another month. Read More.

Amazon deforestation: Record high destruction of trees in January – At the climate change summit COP26 in Glasgow last year, more than 100 governments promised to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030. Read More.

While politicians dither, indigenous groups are taking climate action – Groups from across the world, including Ecuador, Peru, and Guyana are securing land rights and working with other organisations to utilise technology such as GPS and drones to protect their ancestral forest homes. Read More.

Climate change: Top companies exaggerating their progress – A study of 25 companies, including Google, Amazon, Ikea, Apple and Nestle, found that many of them are failing to meet their own targets on tackling climate change. Read More.

More than 100 nations take action to save oceans from human harm – Committing to measures aimed at preserving the ocean from human harm, including stepping up the fight against illegal fishing, cutting plastic pollution and better protecting international waters. Read More.


Have your say on DfE’s Sustainability and Climate Change Draft Strategy – This anonymous survey is looking for feedback on which strategy actions you think are most important, and feedback on the strategy overall. In order to answer you’ll need to have read the draft strategy. The survey is open until 20th February 2022. Read More.

Your Guide to Buying a Nest Box – As part of National Nest Box Week, RSPB have put together a handy article explaining the things to look for when buying a nest box for your garden birds, including which boxes work best for which species, and the best places to put them. Read More.

Global survey to update the 1974 Recommendation Concerning Education for International Understanding – UNESCO is conducting a global survey to collect information that will help shape global policy on transformative education for peace, human rights & sustainability. Survey closes on 1st March. Read More.

Youth Environmental Education Congress – This five-day event brings together young people interested in changing the world through active participation in public affairs, education, environmental, climate and sustainability issues. 13th – 17th March 2022, Prague. Read More.

Young Reporters for the Environment – Gives young people aged 11-25 a platform to research environmental issues and promote solutions through investigative reporting, photography, and video journalism. The programme operates in over 40 countries around the world, and young people can join through their school or youth group, or independently. Read More.

TEESNET 2022 – This year’s TEESNET conference will be held on the 28th September 2022; further news will be released closer to the time. Read More.

Free seed balls for your School – To celebrate The Green Planet and help teach about the importance of biodiversity, The Regenerators at BBC Bitesize are giving away free wildflower seed balls for schools to plant with students. Read More.

Fashion Fix: Why do we need a Fashion Revolution? – Fashion Fix involves schools, teachers and pupils in a host of hands-on activities that also teach them about sustainability in the fashion and textile industries. Fashion Champions will inspire other young people to take part and a virtual fashion show will be hosted to showcase all the fantastic ideas created as we try to change attitudes towards the way we regard our clothes. Read More.


Watch our Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 assemblies with BAFTA Kids – Place2Be have teamed up with BAFTA Kids to create two virtual assemblies for Children’s Mental Health Week 2022, supported by Oak National Academy. Read More.


International Climate Action Network (I-CAN) – “I-CAN” is a 30-month Erasmus+ funded project that will give teachers the skills, confidence and framework to enable pupils to become effective critical thinking collaborators and active climate conscious citizens. Read More.

New Scientist: Greener Living Course – This CPD accredited, online short course, has been designed to introduce you to the history of climate science, the long-term environmental impacts of Global Warming, renewable energies, green technologies, and information and advice on adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Read More.

Teaching the Future: January 2022 – This report by Teach the Future stems from research conducted with teachers in England on Climate Education and the Curriculum. Read More.

Rapid global phaseout of animal agriculture has the potential to stabilize greenhouse gas levels for 30 years and offset 68 percent of CO2 emissions this century – This report by Michael B. Eisen and Patrick O. Brown explores the full “climate opportunity cost” of current global livestock production, by modelling the combined, long-term effects of emission reductions and biomass recovery that would be unlocked by a phaseout of animal agriculture. Read More.