SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, See, and Learn – March 2021


Ann wins Inspirational Educator Award – Our own Ann Finlayson has been one of eight recipients of the Worshipful Company of Educators Inspirational Educator in Environmental Education Awards. Read More.

Enough of the ‘lost generation’. Instead, let’s reimagine school for our children – Peter Hyman explores the importance of the stories we tell, and how the return to school is an opportunity to reimagine education. Read More.

Green Jobs for Young People – The Environmental Audit Committee is conducting an inquiry into green jobs, and the Greener Jobs Alliance has released a report detailing why the Government needs to prioritise green apprenticeships as part of the economic recovery. Read More.

‘Essential leaders’: why empowering women is key to tackling the climate crisis – ActionAid’s new campaign, She is the Answer, highlights why women must be included in conversations and plans to deal with the impact of climate change. Read More.

Green at fifteen: What schools can do to support the climate – Using information from the PISA reports, this OECD article explores how young people feel about the climate, what education they’re receiving, and how schools can better support climate education. Read More.

Naomi Klein: ‘We shouldn’t be surprised that kids are radicalised’ – Patrick Barkham talks to Klein about her new book for young people, and how she’s been inspired by the new generation of young protestors. Read More.

A quiet conservation success story, the likes of which aren’t told enough – Martin Wright explores how an NGO in Cameroon is helping to transform the community and protect the forest, even during an ongoing civil war crisis. Read More.

It’s unavoidable: we must ban fossil fuels to save our planet. Here’s how we do it – Roland Geyer looks at the very real fact that more drastic action needs to be taken, and looks at some examples of when an outright ban has proved a success. Read More.

Un Endorses Call for a Global Shift to a Plant-Based Diet – A report supported by the UN Environment Programme has identified the main problems with the global food system, and has presented three solutions to preserving the planet and its biodiversity. Read More.

Why the tiny copepod is an unsung climate hero – These tiny shrimp-like creatures play a huge part in cycling carbon around the planet. Read More.


STEM-X Launch Prize – This virtual challenge invites young people aged 12-19 to work with NASA astronauts and design an experiment that could launch on a Space-X Rocket to the ISS, and win a grand prize of $75,000. Read More.

Teach the Future: Ask the Government to implement broad climate education – Sustainability and climate change need to be taught across the curriculum, equipping generations to come with the skills and knowledge needed for the green jobs of the future. A broad climate education will empower every young person to contribute to a more resilient, sustainable society. Sign the petition. Read More.

Call for Nature’s Recovery – RSPB has come together with over 50 organisations to call for the Prime Minister to write Nature Recovery into law by putting it in the Environment Bill. You can help by signing their petition. Putting this into law would require the Government to set a legally binding target to support nature recovery in the UK by 2030. Read More.

Eco Action Families: The Ripple Effect – Take three easy and lasting sustainability actions, and ask three friends to do the same, post your completed ripple card online. Read More.

International Petition: Support making Ecocide an international crime – You can support Earth Protectors mission to make Ecocide a criminal offence by adding your name to this petition. Read More.

Change Agents UK: Sustainable Futures Programme – The workshops on this programme are designed to help young people move into sustainability careers by equipping them with a sound understanding of sustainability principles, alongside workplace skills, knowledge and tools. The programme is designed for students in Further and Higher education, and can also be available for online and face to face delivery through youth services and organisations. Read More.


Vattenfall – Joanna Crane talks about her experience discovering she could use her skill set to work with the Vattenfall team and help create game changing sustainable solutions for the future. Read More.

Big Education: Learning from Lockdown – This webinar features a range of different speakers exploring how summer term can be used to ensure students return to school with renewed resilience and optimism. 17th March 21. Read More.


BioLearn Secondary Schools Challenge – Students aged 12-18 are asked to identify a local school or community challenge, and use biomimicry (using nature as inspiration for problem solving) to design solutions. Register online, challenge finishes 17th May 2021. Read More.

The Big Leadership Adventure – This two-year leadership programme explicitly supports passionate change makers in the mindsets, behaviours and confidence required to think and do things differently in education. Applications close 3rd May. Read More.

Eden Project Changemakers: Sustainable Early Leadership CPD – Designed to support teachers wanting to lead positive change for people and planet in their school, some dates have passed, advice is to get in touch anyway if you’re interested in this or future courses. Read More.

Global Compact Network UK: SDG Integration Webinar Series – In this four-part webinar series, the UK Network and expert guest speakers will provide insight, tools, and practical guidance for developing a strategic and integrated approach to the SDGs. Starts 13th April 21. Read More.

Environment Now: The Guardian – To further the availability of data on climate change to the public, the Guardian has created an online resource page of graphs fed by scientific data from organisations such as NASA, which track the planets temperature, CO2, ice, and sea level. Read More.

How to Change Everything: The Young Human’s Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other: Naomi Klein – Klein’s new book specifically for young people brings together her years of reporting and research on climate change into a book full of stories and information that young people can utilise in the ongoing fight for climate justice. Read More.

Bright idea: how small businesses can benefit from installing solar panels – Simon Nicholls answers some common questions about the cost and benefits of installing solar power for small businesses. Read More.