SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, See and Learn – December 2021


An Unusual Conservation Project – Vast underground networks of fungus have been identified as important in sequestering carbon, among other benefits, and a plan has been put together to map and protect them. Read More.

How will humanity endure the climate crisis? – Daniel Aldana Cohen asked acclaimed Sci-Fi writer, Kim Stanley Robinson. “It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation; species are going extinct and biomes are dying. The catastrophes are here and now, so we need to make political coalitions.” Read More.

Youth Eco Hub: Eco-Schools of the Baltic Sea region for sustainable future – Young people in Finland, Estonia, Russia and Latvia have been working alongside mentors and taking online courses to learn more about living sustainably. Read More.

Young Reporters for the Environment at COP26 – You can read a selection of reports online written by young people who attended COP26 as part of YRE. Read More.

38 Ways to have an Eco-Friendly Christmas in 2021 – Pebble Magazine have put together a list of ways to make your Christmas greener, from gifts to food and drink and everything in between. Read More.

Wins for Nature – In their recent round up Positive News have highlighted Ecuador’s new ruling on the rights of nature, a dead coral reef coming back to life, and shell pulling out of a controversial oil project. Read More.

How Durham University turned itself Green – A positive story about how one university has made a huge improvement on its sustainability journey through new initiatives involving all aspects of the institution and university life. Read More.

World-leading Environment Act becomes law – Legislation will improve air and water quality, tackle waste, increase recycling, halt the decline of species, and improve our natural environment. Read More.


Lesson Plan Competition – Open until February 2022 Gaia 20:30 Biodiversity Campaign invites Eco-Schools, LEAF and YRE teachers to develop lesson plans to promote active learning around the topic biodiversity. Read More.

Plant a Tree for Christmas – The National Trust aim to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030; you can buy trees for yourself, or as a gift for others on their website. Read More.

Positive presents: 25 sustainable gifts to give this Christmas – Positive News have put together a list of 25 sustainable gift ideas covering everything from hedgehog tunnels to games to trainers made from coffee. Read More.

A Christmas Card for Boris – The Climate Coalition are asking people to sign their names on a giant Christmas card to be handed over to 10 Downing Street, calling for greater climate ambition. Read More.

RSPB: Big Garden Bird Watch 2022 – Join the UK’s nation-wide birdwatch from the 28th – 30th January 2022, and have fun while being a part of RSPB’s vital research on bird populations in the country. There are resource packs online, and other suggestions for ways you can make the most of the experience. Read More.

OECD Report Launch – Embedding Values and Attitudes in Curriculum: Shaping a Better Future – Join the online launch meeting for this new report, which includes a panel discussion leading to group discussions in breakout rooms with a range of attendees. 15th December, 4pm Central European Standard Time. Read More.

12 Days Wild – Is the Wildlife Trusts festive challenge inviting you (and your family) to do one wild thing a day which either connects you to, or helps, nature, from the 25th December to the 5th January. Sign up for inspiration, and share your activities on social media. Read More.


Climate Change on Trial – Is a BBC programme following the young people taking on their government in an attempt to prevent further drilling for oil and gas. Read More.

The People v Climate Change – This BBC documentary follows the UK’s first ever Citizen’s Assembly on Climate Change, where 108 ordinary Brits are tasked with deciding what we should do to meet our climate change goals. Read More.


UNESCO: Getting every school climate-ready: how countries are integrating climate change issues in education – This new publication looks at how well climate change is integrated in the national curricula in over 100 countries. Read More.

RSPB: Birds of Conservation Concern Report – At 70 species long, the Red list is nearly double the length of the one in the first report in 1996, showing that even more of our birds are in trouble. Read More.

Understanding Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development – This course from FEE Academy introduces you to the basic foundations of EE and ESD, including their origins and the educational processes connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 1st Feb – 20th March 2022. Read More.