SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, See, and Learn – April 2021

Climate Education is our Right!


What do the Stats say? – Joe Brindle’s blog sharing the results from the Climate Education survey’s Teach the Future has been carrying out over the previous year, find out what young people are saying. Read More.

Great Britain’s Electricity System has Greenest day ever – Great Britain’s electricity system recorded its greenest ever day over the Easter bank holiday as sunshine and windy weather led to a surge in renewable energy. Read More.

The deforestation solution that not enough people are talking about – Martin Wright explores how giving indigenous communities legal title to their land has been more effective at protecting forests than declaring them national parks. Read More.

Food for Thought: The Protein Transformation – Europe and North America are expected to reach peak meat consumption by 2025. This report explores the growing trend towards protein alternatives, and how much C02 and water they’re predicted to save over the coming years. Read More.

Forests will rise around Birmingham to make Commonwealth Games 2022 carbon neutral – Thousands of acres of forest will be created in and around Birmingham under plans to make the 2022 Commonwealth Games in the city carbon neutral. Read More.

OCR: Natural History GCSE – Following a consultation last summer, OCR have submitted a proposal to the Department for Education for a new Natural History GCSE. Read More.


Co-create a Manifesto for Education for Environmental Education in the UK – Young people and teachers from across the UK can register to attend events in May and June where they will be invited to develop a share vision for the future. Read More.

International Model Citizens Assembly – Exploring priority solutions to the Climate Emergency; you can apply to be part of the audience, or the jury, of this model citizens assembly taking part on the 25th April. Read More.

Essay Competition: Education as if People and Planet Matter – Schumacher College’s competition is for an essay between 1,000 – 1,500 words long on ‘Education as if People and Planet Matter’. The essay should be addressed to general readers, rather than education or sustainability specialists. Our Ann Finlayson is one of this years judges. Closes 1st July 2021. Read More.

The Great Big Green Week – Is a national week of events celebrating action on climate change; featuring thousands of events up and down the country, this week will show decision makers ahead of COP26 that people from all walks of life want them to step up their game. 18th – 26th September 2021. Read More.

More Eco-Friendly Options to get Around – As part of an upcoming update, Google Maps are including several new features to help users choose the least carbon intensive travel route. With carbon comparisons, low emission zone alerts, and trip options. Read More.

Earth Day 2021 – Join World Leaders from 20-22nd April for three days of climate action, Global Youth Climate Summit, Global Education Summit, and an Earth Day Digital Live event on the official Earth Day: 22md April. Read More.

World Environment Day 2021 – Is hosted by Pakistan, and will take place on the 5th June. Kicking off the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, a global mission to revive billions of hectares, from forests to farmlands, from the top of mountains to the depths of the sea. Read More.

Walk to School Week 2021 – This five-day walking challenge introduces children to walking superpowers that benefit individuals, communities, and the planet. Taking part in May as part of National Walking Month. 17th – 21st May 2021. Read More.


Force of Nature Podcast – This 9-part podcast is a series of conversations with people who have been leading the way in creating sustainability change around the world. Host Clover believes that the threat greater than climate change is our feeling of powerlessness in the face of it, and is seeking to change that by building agency and empowerment wherever she can. Read More.

Solve Climate 2030 Series of Events – Solve Climate by 2030 raises important questions and dialogue which is being stimulated through the global teach in events led by Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College, USA. Read More.

Letters from the Year 2050 – University of Oxford Doctoral Researcher Bill Finnegan has been working with students in the UK Schools Sustainability Network, and though storytelling workshops has created this playlist of multimedia letters to the future. Read More.


Nature Connectedness: For a New Relationship with Nature – This free online course from the University of Derby consists of 20 hours of self-guided learning about Nature Connectedness and why it matters. Open now. Read More.

Big Ideas: Become a Gamechanger Teacher – This free CPD is made up of four online modules, and designed to help you bring the power of youth-led social action into your classroom. Each module is self-contained, and you can choose only the ones relevant to your school. Dates vary. Read More.

Thinking Further: Sustainable Futures – A series of online sustainable careers and skills sessions; the events are run in partnership with Solihull MBC and Solihull College & University Centre and run in tandem with the launch of their resource library for sustainability careers. Events from 26th – 28th April. Read More.

Global Dimension: Global Learning Resources from top Organisations and Publishers – Global Dimension’s website hosts an impressive compilation of resources for different learning styles, age groups, and education settings, from large and small organisations around the world. Read More.

SDG Integration Webinar Series – Global Compact Network UK is hosting a four-part webinar series featuring tools, insight, and guidance from a range of experts on implementing the SDG’s. April – May 2021. Read More.

Climate Changemakers: World’s Largest Lesson – This new learning experience has been designed to target SDG 13: Climate Action. It invites children aged 8+ to learn about climate change and why action matters through online resources, and then reflect on climate education by writing 100 words about why it matters to them. Read More.

How will You Reboot the Future: Global Dimension – This campaign and set of education resources launches on the 21st of April, made up of five short films following young people who are rising up and making a difference, Jonathon Porritt’s new e-book, five teaching guides, and a book club companion guide. Read More.