SEEd’s Choice: Read, Do, Listen, and Learn – December 2020


Mission 4.7 – December 16th saw the launch of Mission 4.7. Founded by Global Schools and the SDG Academy, this is a new initiative designed to accelerate policy and research efforts on ESD. It’s mission, is to ensure that by 2030 the targets of the SDG’s are met, and that current and future generations are equipped with the knowledge and values to create and maintain an environmentally sustainable world. Read More

6 Signs of Progress since the adoption of the Paris Agreement – This article by World Resources Institute highlights some of the progress being made by countries across the world to tackle the climate crisis. Read More.

Biological Diversity evokes Happiness – A German study has pinpointed how a larger variety of biodiversity, especially birds, in our local environment improves Europeans life satisfaction as much as income. Read More.

What is Climate Change? – The BBC have released this simple and easy to understand guide that explains what climate change, and how it affects us. Read More.

The Indian school where students pay for lessons with plastic waste – This revolutionary new school in India asks its students to pay for their classes by bringing in their plastic waste rather than burning it at home. Read More.

Education for Sustainability, By John Huckle & Stephen Sterling – The first book published in Britain to provide an overview of ESD theory and practice, while offering perspectives on the philosophy, politics and pedagogy through case studies and contributions from educators. Read More.

Race to Zero: Mobilising Leadership for a Net Zero Economy – In the UN Global Compact Network UK’s latest Briefing, we explain how businesses can be at the forefront of Limiting average global warming to 1.5°C. Read More.

Sustainability as The Only Way To Build Back Better – Following the United Nations 75th Birthday this blog looks at the inequalities and deficiencies the pandemic has exposed in our society, and at how the only way to built back better is with sustainability at the heart of every action and process. Read More.

SOS_UK Sustainability Skills Report – This report showcases data from SOS_UK’s 2019-20 research into Higher and Further Education student’s views on sustainability in their education setting. Read More


How to have a Plant-Based Christmas – Many people have changed their diet as a way to support a healthier planet. Pebble Magazine have put together this useful guide full of plant-based recipes for snacks and nibbles, Christmas dinner, and festive drinks and cocktails. Read More.

How to have an Eco Christmas – The Wildlife Trusts have put together a helpful guide to help you have a planet friendly Christmas, from gifts, to food, and decorations. Read More.

Adopt or Dedicate a tree for Christmas – Revolutionise your gift giving this year by giving the gift of trees with Treedom. Read More.

GreenBiz21 – Is an annual event bringing together sustainable business leaders in an online conference covering all aspects of sustainable business management, including circular economies, resilient supply chains, net zero, and more. 9-11th February 21, Read More.

The Climate Coalition – Released, earlier in the year, a 10-point plan for a green recovery. You can read the plan, explore the government’s progress so far, and champion the plan by contacting your MP through their form to ask for support. Read More.

London Student Sustainability Conference 2021 – This entirely student-led conference highlights and showcases research and projects by students which create positive change in the world. 24th February 21, Read More.

edie Sustainability Leaders Forum 2021 – will be held on a virtual platform connecting sustainable business leaders, government representatives, investors and NGOs around a common goal: to solve the climate crisis. 2-4th February 2021, Read More.


MockCOP26 – Took place online during the last two weeks of December, and brought together young people from all over the world to talk about the climate crisis. You can listen to the recordings of all the delegates talks and discussions on their YouTube channel. Read More. Also, check out their website to read their blog on What’s Next. Read More.

Barack Obama on Climate Change – In the 8th episode of his radio show, Obama talks about his determination to negotiate an international climate agreement, and his experience travelling to a climate summit in Copenhagen. Read More.

Woman’s Hour Power List 2020 – This episode of woman’s hour celebrates women from across the UK who are making a significant contribution to the sustainability of the planet, and questions the lack of women at the top table in Boris Johnson’s Government. Read More.

Woman’s Hour: Gail Bradbrook – The Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion talks about the use of protest to incite systemic change for the health of the planet, and about the support and criticisms for it. Read More.

Bridges to the Future – The Royal Society for Arts podcast featuring a range of experts and thinkers exploring how we can build effective bridges to our new future. Read More.

The Biggest Story in the World – Guardian Editor-in-Chief has challenged his team to find a new way to report on climate change. This podcast series follows their journey to affect change at work, in their personal lives, and in the world. Read More.

Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times – Created by the United Nations on it’s 75th Birthday this film tells the story of the world as it is, as it was, and as it could be. Read More.

Conversations at a time of Emergency – As part of this year’s ESRC festival, Lestari hosted an online panel discussion asking: what next for environmental education? Themes included Nature connection, Communication, and Foundations for Change; and the event featured expert speakers from a variety of sources. This event has now passed, but you can watch the recording of it on YouTube. Read More.


Britain Talks Climate: A toolkit for engaging the British public on Climate Change – This evidence-based toolkit by Climate Outreach is designed to support organisations looking to engage and connect with the British public in climate discussions. Read More.  

What does Net Zero really mean? Everything you need to know about Carbon Emissions – Pebble Magazine have put together this helpful and easy to understand article explaining carbon emissions, what it means to go carbon neutral, and how different types of carbon offsetting work. Read More.

Liverpool World Centre – Are offering free training for the Global Teacher’s Award Level 1. The award promotes skills, confidence and practical approaches to incorporate global learning into the curriculum, and active global citizenship into the school. 11th & 18th Jan 21, 4-6:30pm. Read More.

The Economist: Sustainability Week – Talks over the four days of this programme will explore how businesses can transform to meet the bold targets needed by climate science. 22-25th March 21, Read More.