Once again January has rolled around and left as feeling reflective over the past year and optimistic for the year ahead. We may be a tad wobblier in certain areas and we may be trying to kick our slight alcohol dependency that the festivities of December have kindly left us with, however there is a lot to be grateful for.

Firstly, SEEd are so grateful to anyone who supported us throughout 2015. We were lucky enough to gain ourselves a fantastic project manager (The fabulous Victoria Tait) at the beginning of last year, welcomed and waved goodbye to three great interns (Camille, Rachel and Fiona) and entered the year with new intern Laurie! However, SEEd is not only run by our staff directly in the office, but every single person whom supports our journey and our philosophy. Therefore, a huge thank you is in order to SEEd Board members, SEEd members and numerous charitable contributors throughout the year. I might also add another thank you to fantastic CEO Ann Finlayson deserves a special mention for juggling a billion and one things, yet still managing to run SEEd and keep us all motivated and driven towards a Sustainable Future!

We would secondly like to thank all keynote speakers, workshop hosts, exhibitors and delegates who made the 2015 NSSC so successful. Another special mention should go to Bristol Students Union and the volunteers who were the behind the scenes workers ensuring the day ran as smoothly as possible. We hope for the same success at the NSSC 2016, more details can be found here. In addition to the NSSC 2015, SEEd has hosted two fantastic Facilitation Courses and so a bit thanks goes to the attendees of those as well!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone that SEEd has had the pleasure with working with this year. Whether directly at an event or indirectly in reading our Newsletter, tweeting us or even liking our posts on facebook. You’re all awesome!

After all that nostalgia, its time to look forward into the New Year in which we enter with into with the New Sustainable Development goals. Hopefully this is a great year for Sustainability in Education and we hope it’s a great year for you all too!


Rachel, SEEd Newsletter Editor