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This topic is about health and wellbeing

This topic is about happiness, quality of life, environmental impacts on health and learning, life expectancy, and resilience.

An increasing number of studies have focussed on the positive correlation between spending time in nature and improved health and wellbeing. One response to this could be to bring the outdoors into everyday learning by teaching more lessons outside.

This blog from Jim Burt at Natural England explores some of the findings of the Natural Connections report – a four year project funded by Natural England, Defra and Historic England exploring the impacts of outdoor learning on pupils’ behaviour, aspirations and motivation.

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Angus Willson, a former SEEd trustee, writes:

 A good debating point [is] – having it all vs. being happy

He suggests that the topic could be related specifically to young people’s experiences of having it all (or not) and yet not necessarily achieving satisfaction or happiness.

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