This topic is about habitats and homes

A large number of sustainability topics can be connected to the concept of habitats and homes, including: energy, sustainable buildings and materials, pollution, and biodiversity. They are all linked to the possible impacts of climate change and the movement of organisms to new habitats.

In terms of the curriculum, links can be made to science, maths, numeracy, art and literacy. You can even include intergenerational learning as pupils could interview grandparents or people from other cultures.

Resource examples for Primary:
Resource examples for Secondary:

How does this link to Education for Sustainable Development pedagogies?

Watch this video on action learning for more information on how to embed learning for sustainability into your teaching practices.


John Parry, who works at the Railway Land Project in Lewes, explains how he is trying to include sustainability into standard teaching topics:

One of the things I find is a need to move beyond the usual suspects – in this case minibeasts, say, and really focus on a core sustainability point that enriches and enhances the existing approaches that are tried and tested. A potential line of enquiry that I think is worth exploring is the lifespan of creatures – we tend to think they are the same birds, the same minibeasts that are always around on the site, but of course they are not – some may just be ‘with us’ for  a few months.

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