This topic is about food and farming

This topic is about sustainable farming, food production, food waste, famines, and biodiversity. It also links to the ethical concerns of animal welfare and fair trade.

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Ann Finlayson, Executive Chair of SEEd, says,

Growing food in schools and visits to farms really help students understand where their food comes from. FACE, a charity dedicated to farming and countryside education, run free school visits to farms. A useful education tool is the Food for Life Curriculum pack for KS1 and 2. Some good questions might be ” Where does our food come from and why?”, “Can we supply all the food we need ourselves in the UK?”, “Why do we trade?” and Think Global’s Kate Brown has good questions about food waste to get some critical thinking and enquiry methods going.

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The infographic below was created by Food Packaging Labels, and explains how eco labels affect the consumer.

how do ecolabels affect the consumer