Green Growth / Economics

This topic is about green growth and economics

This topic is about green growth, environmental economics, social enterprise, sustainable consumption, circular economies, recycling, ethical business, environmental costs, and use of resources.

There are links here to the curriculum through Business Studies, Maths, and Economics. Links into the community could be made here by connecting up with local businesses and exploring how they might become more environmentally friendly.

Resource examples for Upper Primary:
Resource examples for Upper Secondary/HE:

How does this link to Education for Sustainable Development pedagogies?

Watch this short clip on interconnectedness for more information on how to embed learning for sustainability into your teaching practices.

Good enquiry questions could be based on the 5 business considerations below:

  • How can we design our products with resource recovery in mind?
  • How can we develop products to meet demand without wasting resources?
  • How can we source material in circular loops rather than linear resource flows?
  • How can we develop a revenue model that protects value up and down the product chain?, and
  • How can we get our customers to cooperate with us?

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