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This topic is about Communication and Media Resources

This topic is about interactive learning, media, communication, information, and the use of ICT, film and photography.

Resource examples for Primary:

With primary aged children it is good to look at how the media portrays sustainability issues such as climate change, migration, poverty or human rights. You can explore how much physical space is taken up on an issue over a period of time compared to other issues ( good Maths work!) e.g. in TV  programming or newspapers. You could also explore sites such as to see how people write campaigns, what they are asking for and are they successful? What does successful mean in a campaign? This all links with exploring persuasive writing.

Resource examples for Secondary:

Ann Finlayson, Executive Chair of SEEd, says:

Often secondary students want to get involved in action projects and campaigns. This video on the ‘Science of Persuasion’ is a useful way to introduce persuasive writing techniques into a lesson. Another entry point is Elliot Eisner’s 3 Curricula which states that everything we say or communicate has 3 levels – the explicit, the implicit and what is left out ( the null curricula). This is a great way to analyse communications for sustainability, and look at the differences between what NGOs

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