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A Collated List of Online Climate Change Learning Resources

We’ve compiled a list of online resources enabling and empowering children, young people, and adults to learn about sustainability and climate change at home. Alongside this are a host of resources for teachers of all key stages to aid in teaching environmental and sustainability education online. There has been a phenomenal surge in online and home learning, and there’s loads to choose from, including: interactive mixed media websites, online courses, webinars, talks and podcasts, videos, reading and articles, children’s learning resources and teacher resources. Read more →

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Nature and Biodiversity Learning Resources

We’ve collated a large list of resources from a variety of places to help you, your friends, family, and children, learn more about, grow closer to, and reconnect with nature. Nature and biodiversity are the backbone of life on earth, and there’s loads of ways you can learn. This list includes: online interactive websites, video courses, podcasts, adult learning resources, resources for each key stage, resources for teachers on teaching about nature and biodiversity, resources for parents to support their children’s learning, and books for adults, parents, and children. Read more →

Habitats and Homes

In nature, homes and habitats are constantly changing. This is usually as a result of natural migratory processes, but increasingly species are being forced to change homes because of the impacts of human induced climate change. The resources in this section help you to explore the concept of change with young people, and highlight what a sustainable community might look like in the future.  Read more →

Energy & Climate Change

Energy and climate change is a broad and very diverse topic which affects everything we do. It provides a good starting point for educators to develop young people’s socially critical thinking skills by asking what energy sources other countries might be using. Students and pupils could explore examples from Africa where many countries are engaged in the ‘low carbon revolution’. Read more →

Equality & Justice

Equality and justice is about ensuring that we all have access to the same rights and opportunities regardless of our backgrounds, whilst ensuring that we do not negatively impact the rights of future generations. Research shows that within and between the Global North and South inequality is on the rise. Read more →

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Health & Well-being

Schools and Universities are increasingly focussing their attention on young people’s health and wellbeing. This topic explores how society as a whole could begin to place more value on its citizens’ health and wellbeing by looking at countries such as Bhutan which measures its Gross National Happiness, and by exploring some of the positive impacts which spending time in green spaces can have on our mental and physical health. Read more →


Water is an essential life source for all species that share our planet. Many businesses and other concerned organisations have produced excellent resources highlighting its immense value to all of us.  Read more →

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Green Growth and Economics

This topic looks at how society can adapt to changes in technology to ensure that we all have meaningful jobs in the future. Around the world, countries are experimenting with ideas that challenge the current 9-5 reality such as Universal Basic Income or shorter working days. In the UK, the Ellyn McArthur Foundation is pioneering a new approach to economics called the Circular Economy.  Read more →

Design for the Future

This topic looks at the growing rise in alternatives to our current linear patterns of consumption. Increasingly, designers are basing their innovations on processes which mirror the natural world, thereby illustrating how society can become more sustainable. There are many links here with Design and Technology as well as other creative subjects. Read more →

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Nature & Bio-diversity

Many people greatly value the world’s nature and biodiversity. Yet it can often feel like the only stories we hear about are those associated with loss and destruction. This section explores ways that you can positively engage young people with the natural world – from taking lessons outside, to re-framing biodiversity issues around their values and interests.  Read more →

Communication & Media

What a reporter chooses to leave out of their news story is often just as significant, if not more so, as what they choose to include. One example of this is the coverage of floods in the UK – should more attention be given to the links with climate change? And how can we help young people to critically analyse and process the information they read on a daily basis?  Read more →

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Working with the Community

Sustainable Schools work to embed sustainability across their Campus, Curriculum, and Community.  By engaging with parents and others in the local area, schools have the potential to become hubs for community activity. Read more →

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Food & Farming

Understanding about how our food is produced, transported, and its impacts on the environment is a hugely important aspect of sustainability. Many schools across the UK have set-up their own food co-ops and are consuming vegetables produced on their school grounds.   Read more →

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Campus facilities

Find out which of our members can support you to improve the sustainability features of your school, college, university, or business. Read more →