Policy Forum – Young Change Makers for the Sustainable Development Goals


Young Change Makers for the Sustainable Development Goals

Wednesday 29th June, 2016

Tech City College, Islington


The United Nations have created a list of 17 targets known as the Sustainable Development Goals to help combat some of the world’s biggest problems by 2030. The Goals are for everyone, but they will only work if everyone is involved, including young people.

On the 29th June, SEEd will host our annual Policy Forum at Tech City College, Islington. We have invited 100 young people to participate and 25 representatives from NGOs and businesses to observe the day.

Purpose of the day

The Forum will be a unique opportunity for young people from a range of social backgrounds, ages (10-25 year olds), and interests to come together and discuss how they believe schools, FE/HE institutions, businesses, and government could be supporting them to contribute towards the Goals.

The diversity of the young people invited will be reflected in the discussions that will take place throughout the day, highlighting their opinions and thoughts on issues as varied as climate change, inequality, biodiversity loss, and poverty.


Throughout the day, experienced facilitators will capture the needs and demands of the young people present. This will be turned into a policy document that can be presented to government, businesses and other key stake holders responsible for the implementation of the Goals.

At the end of the day, the observer group will be asked to share their thoughts which we will capture and turn into a second document.

Large parts of the day will be filmed and will beavailable via the SEEd website, youtube channel and for wider dissemination.

Outline of the day

There will be inputs from experts on the Sustainable Development Goals, including the three main pillars of Environment, Economy, and Society. The full draft agenda can be viewed here.


Places for the event are limited. If you know of any young people who you think would like to be involved in the day, please fill out this form and contact victoria@se-ed.org.uk for further information.


There is a small fee of £10 per adult and £5 per young person which must be paid in advance of the event via BACS, cheque or paypal. If you would like to pay via paypal, please use the link on the right hand side of the page. For BACS or Cheque payments, please contact victoria@se-ed.org.uk.


You are welcome to bring your own lunch on the day and we would encourage the young people in particular to do so. Alternatively, you will also have the option to choose from a selection of hot and cold food provided by Save the Date, the London branch of The Real Junk Food Cafe initiative. This food can be purchased on a pay as you feel basis. To find out more about Save the Date, please visit their website: https://savethedate.london

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