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Working with UNESCO

UNESCO has been recognized globally as the lead agency for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). In 2015, SEEd was selected as one of the Key Partners on their Global Action Programme for Education for Sustainable Development

The Global Action Programme is the follow-up to the decade for Education for Sustainable Development which came to an end in December 2014. The programme serves as UNESCO’s main commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly that of quality education for all, and seeks to generate and scale up concrete action on ESD.

SEEd are working in Priority Action Area 2 which focuses on the transformation of learning and training environments to embed a Whole School/Institution approach. Our work with UNESCO involves gathering best practice on whole school approaches as well as looking at the evidence of the impacts of Sustainable Schools. You can download our backgrounder document on Whole School Approaches here. If you are a member of SEEd, you can access this research via our member’s only login area.

SEEd works on a one-to-one basis with a select number of partners.

Each Partnership is different. Email us, let’s discuss how we can help you and develop a partnership together.

We support our partners by providing advice on how they can embed sustainability into the services they offer to schools and educational institutions. You can find out more about our partners and their services below. If you are interested in becoming a partner with SEEd, please contact us.

Solar for Schools

SEEd is advising Solar for Schools on ways schools can make more of their solar panels in the classroom.

Solar panels, and the ability to use a renewable energy source, are within the reach of many schools. In the UK and internationally, Solar for Schools is looking to put solar panels on to school roofs. If your school would like to have clean, renewable energy at no cost to the school, (whatever country you work in) please contact

At SEEd we see how solar panels can bring opportunities to link to the curriculum and the campus. We believe that by working with organisations like Solar for Schools we can achieve more and so encourage more schools to embrace a lower carbon future.

If you would like to join and help more schools take advantage of the opportunities, contact at or Ann Flaherty at Solar Options for Schools on 07946 245 556 or email

N.B. for every £50,000 Solar for Schools invests in solar panels on a school in the UK, the school will benefit for between £100,000 and £200,000 in savings and profit share over the first 20 years of the system while saving over 600 tonnes of carbon emissions and helping reduce climate change.

Wellington College

Wellington College is one of the world’s top co-educational boarding schools. They have a strong commitment to embedding sustainability into the heart of their Campus, Curriculum and Community.

Wellington are the first school to join our Whole School Approach network which we launched at the beginning of 2017. Schools involved in this network receive up to four consultation sessions from either a member of the SEEd team or one of our many fellows and advisors, depending on your personal interest and specific areas of need. You can find out more about joining this network here.

Our initial work with Wellington began with a full day of environmental events which were organised by students and took place across the whole school. We look forward to further developments across 2017.

Roustabout Theatre

Based in Bristol, Roustabout Theatre have been producing plays and school workshops for over ten years.

‘We seek out extraordinary tales, both true and imagined, and tell them with clarity, simplicity, humour and a wild imagination. The theatre we make is for audiences of all ages, for anyone who loves play, and for anyone who delights in the communal act of sharing a story.’

During Covid in 2020 when all live performance was restricted, they made the decision to produce their adaptation of Michael Foreman’s childrens book ‘Dinosaurs and All that Rubbish’ as a series of videos. Using performance mixed with animation, music, songs and sillyness, they tell the tale of what happens when one man’s passionate dream to reach the stars leaves the world in ruins. They are aimed at anyone over the age of 3, and are free to watch on YouTube.

Their latest production ‘This Island’s Mine’ is currently touring schools and venues around the UK. Set in the extraordinary world of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Roustabout presents a playful and daring exploration of the place we choose to call home. Filled with magic, music and mayhem, this show explores themes of colonialism, identity and place, encouraging young people to ask: Where do I belong? Where is my home? Is it truly mine?

SEEd is advising Roustabout on how they can bring Sustainability both into the content of their work and how they opperate as a company. We are working with them on a Whole Institution Approach to Sustainability which we launched in 2017, helping them embed principles of Sustainability into every aspect of what they do.

Roustabout Theatre - SEEd Partners
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Xplorealms - SEEd Partners


Xplorealms is an award winning EdTech startup, building a meta-verse of FREE culturally nuanced, immersive, educational mobile games, aligned with the British national curriculum, for 7-14 year olds.

They condense 12 weeks term time learning into 1-2hrs fun fast game-play, recovering lost learning, fast!

We are delighted to be supporting them to embed sustainability principles and philosophies into the very heart of their games. The process could be described as a Whole Gaming approach to Sustainability.

Our members and supporters

SEEd has a cross-sectoral membership that includes individuals, teachers, FE colleges, schools, local authorities, NGOs, and other organisations. To join, simply select your level of membership and complete our simple online membership form.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is about enabling us to constructively and creatively address present and future global challenges and create more sustainable and resilient societies