Opening the Doorway to Sustainability


“Opening the Doorway to Sustainability: An online course for educators” is the renowned professional development participatory programme from WWF-UK, run annually by SEEd.

NEXT COURSE:  mid 2013 – please contact to register your interest

COST: £500 per person for 10 week course, 2-3 hours work per week (10% discount for members)

Using the National Framework for Sustainable Schools as a starting point, it offers an opportunity to explore how taking a sustainable schools approach across a whole school benefits pupils, teachers, the wider community and of course the health and wellbeing of the planet on which we all depend.

“Opening the Doorway to Sustainability” offers participants the opportunity to be part of a community of teachers, local authority staff and other educators supporting sustainability in schools. The online course enables educators to iexplore different aspects of sustainability and sustainable schools.

Over the 10 week course, participants explore different approaches to sustainable schools, identify and begin to develop key skills, and practice reflection and action learning approaches to ensure new skills and knowledge are applied. At the end of the online course, participants feel equipped to take forward the sustainable schools agenda with confidence and often have their own action plan and action learning project. Join the hundreds of teachers who have completed this course over the last 10 years. This course was evaluated by The Open University as an excellent online approach leading to good learning.

For more information on SEEd’s “Opening the Doorway to Sustainability” online course, and to find out when this course will run, please email: