One man’s trash , another man’s treasure.

It is no secret that Education establishments tend to invest heavily in resources for craft and other activities, and no doubt such items can prove invaluable in the learning experience. However, this proves highly expensive for organisations and also takes a heavy toll on the environment. But what if there is an alternative that both save money and the planet whilst still enriching the learning experience….

Now, I may be slightly late to the party on this but on a recent trip to visit some teacher friends in Northern Ireland I was enlightened to the concept of Recycled Resource Centres…. in other words a teacher’s goldmine. The one I went to in Belfast was called Play Resource, which operated through a membership scheme. The shop hosted a massive variety of items from old car seats to egg boxes to an array of different fabrics. They also gave some inspiration of what these things could be used for… (See flying bat and paper spiders!).

After a bit of research on my return I found a similar UK company,Reuseful, who adopt the same ideas and provides all these fantastic resources at locations dotted around the country. So if you are like me, and weren’t aware of these kinds of places, why not save some dosh and reduce consumption and waste all in a days work!

Check out their website here to find a location near you.

Rachel Carruthers

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