National Union of Students continue to lead the way in driving student engagement and behaviour change in education institutes across the UK

National Union of Students (NUS) represent over 600 student unions across the UK. Below are a few examples of the excellent work they are involved in to engage young people in sustainability issues.

NUS offer UNESCO ESD prize as Green Impact micro grants

Any Green Impact students’ union, university, community team or department can apply for between £50 and £250 to help support their work towards a Green Impact award. The funding will be taken from the UNESCO prize for Education for Sustainable Development which NUS received in October 2016. The award celebrates the last 10 years of Green Impact which has helped hundreds of students’ unions to improve their own sustainability practices.

SEEd have worked closely with NUS over the past 10 years and offer them huge congratulations on winning the prize.

 NUS shine a spotlight on young sustainability leaders through new ‘30 Faces’ project

National Union of Students have gathered testimonies on the Eureka! moments that got 30 young people passionate about sustainability. Their motivations are unique and highly personal, ranging from a desire to discover more about the natural world whilst staring at a “giant honeycomb Moeraki boulders that had eroded from the cliff face on a beach in New Zealand”, to a conversation with a “4-year-old niece”. As well as the Eureka! moment, the young leaders also state their vision for a sustainable future and discuss their on-going work in sustainability. To find out more about this inspiring piece, visit:

Student survey results on sustainability in education

NUS have recently published their sixth year of the student attitudes towards, and expectations on, sustainable development survey. They are nearing 30,000 respondents over the six years, making it one of the largest evidence bases on students and sustainability in the world. You can find out more about the report here.