Reviews of whole school approaches and sustainability education in schools

Two reviews have been conducted one by Dr. Anna Birney  and Dr Jane Reed (2009) for the National College and the other by Dr Elizabeth Barrett Hacking, Dr Elsa Lee and Professor William Scott of Bath University.

Evidence of sustainable scchoolsDr Barrett Hacking, Professor Scott and  Elsa Lee meta review was organised under five themes, setting out 15 top tips based on the impact of sustainable schools and education for sustainable development on school improvement and young people’s well-being as defined by the then government policy outcomes called Every Child Matters. Download the report here:    Evidence-of-impact-of-Sustainable-Schools-. The five themes are still relevant as ever:

  1. Improving schools: enhancing young people’s learning and well-being.
  2. Bringing young people’s learning experiences together.
  3. Developing young people’s participation.
  4. Contributing to school, community and family life.
  5. Modelling sustainability practices, thinking and planning.







Anna Birney’s research was the culmination of WWF-UK’s review of their ESD and whole school approaches work that began in 2000. SEEd wrote a summary of this research and other research and collaborated with The Cooperative to produce a simple easy to read document called “Your Guide to becoming a more sustainable schools” 2015. Click on the link below to download it.