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Learning for Sustainability – Some Useful Texts

Blewitt, J & Cullingford, C. (2004)                “ The Sustainability Curriculum – The Challenge for Higher Education” Earthscan

Booth, Linda et al                                               “The Systems Thinking Playbook – Exercises to Stretch and Build Learning and Systems Thinking Capabilities”(ISBN 0-966127-7-9)

Corcoran, P.B. & Osano, P.M. (2009)            “Young People, education and sustainable development – Exploring principles, perspectives and praxis”   Wageningen Academic Publishers

Gough, S. & Scott, W. (2007)                          “Higher Education and Sustainable Development – Paradox and possibility” Routledge

Hart, R. A. (1997)                                              “Children’s Participation – The theory and practice of involving young citizens in community development and environmental care” Earthscan

Huckle, J & Sterling, S (1996)                       “Education for Sustainability” Earthscan

IUCN/UNEP/WWF (1991)                            “Caring for the Earth – A strategy for Living” Earthscan

Orr, D (1992)                                                    “ Ecological Literacy – Education and the Transition to a Postmodern World. State University of New York Press.

Orr, D (2004)                                                   “Earth in Mind” Island Press

Jacobson, S. K. et al ( 2006)                         “ Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques” OUP

Jones, Selby and Sterling (2010)                  “Sustainability Education – Perspectives and Practice across Higher Education” Earthscan

Palmer, Joy. A (1998)                                      “ Environmental Education in the 21st Century – Theory, Practice and Promise” Routledge

Parker, J. & Wade, R (2008)                         “Journeys around Education for Sustainability” London South Bank University

Parkin, Sara (2010)                                         “ The Positive Deviant – Sustainability Leadership in a Perverse World” Earthscan

Reid, A and Scott, W. (2009)                        “Researching Education and the Environment – Petropspect and Prospect” Routledge

Reid, Jensen, & Venka Simovska (eds) (2008) “Participation and Learning – perspectives on Education and the Environment, Health and Sustainability” Springer

Rickinson, Mark et al (2009)                        “Environmental Learning: Insights from research into the student experience” Springer Publisher.

Scott, W and Gough, S (2003)                     “Sustainable Development and Learning” Routledge

Sterling, Stephen (2001)                               “Sustainable Education – Re-visioning Learning and Change”. Green Books for the Schumacher Society

Stibbe, Arran (ed) (2009)                              “The Handbook of sustainability literacy – Skills for a changing world” Green Books

Wadell, Steve (2005)                                       “Societal Learning and Change” Greenleaf Publishing

Wals, Arjen ed (2007)                                     “Social learning – towards a sustainable world” Wageningen Academic Publishers

Wals, Arjen et al (2009)                                 “The acoustics of social learning” Wageningen Academic Publishers

Webster, K and Craig Johnson ( 2008)      “Sense and Sustainability – Educating for a low carbon world.”  TerraPreta and Yorshire Forward. Contact for copies. Also look on website for CPD activities