Research to help good practice, embedding and scaling up ESD



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SEEd , as a membership organisation interested in embedding and scaling up ESD, conducts reviews of research, stakeholder Policy Fora, and surveys. Below are some of our research reports from surveys, stakeholder events and desktop research.

How is ESD and EE is being taken up in the UK?


Enablers and Barriers

SEEd has conducted desk-based research into ESD and EE (and the global dimension) from 2008 looking at past teacher surveys and research: what they tell us about current practice, barriers to, and enablers for, ESD and sustainable schools.

We have also run regular online surveys and our most recent is from 2016.

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What has Ofsted said about ESD and sustainable school work?

Overt the period of 2002 to 2010 Ofsted conducted 3 research projects exploring ESD and sustainability in schools.  The third research project ran concurrently with research carried out by Dr. Chris Gayford of Reading University. Find out more here:


Reviews of whole school approaches and sustainability education in schools

Two reviews have been conducted one by Dr. Anna Birney for the National College and the other by Dr Elizabeth Barrett Hacking and Professor William Scott of Bath University. Read More here:


Want to read more?

Here is a bibliography that Ann Finlayson has put together. Tell us about your favourite one or  book or author that you found useful. Email: