The Academy of St Francis of Assisi in Liverpool is leading the way in sustainability and global awareness in education, in a challenging local environment.

With a cross-denominational Christian ethos, St Francis aims to empower its pupils, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds, by giving them an education in more than just exam-bashing. It enables them to ‘act local, think global’, and to develop and understanding of their roles in the community and the world.

Led by a team of specialist Assistant Vice Presidents, the staff at St Francis tackle globally-related themes in all different areas of the curriculum, from English to RE. The children are encouraged to take advantage of the school’s connections with Fairtrade and Amnesty International, and to initiate projects of their own.


‘We’re here to prepare pupils for life,’ says Vice President Ian Kelly. ‘We have a moral duty to show pupils that there’s more out there than just what they see on a day-to-day basis.’ Read the full report by the Global Learning Programme here.