Launching the Evidence Alliance for Sustainability Education

SEEd is delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative called EASE the Evidence Alliance for Sustainability Education. EASE is now open to 60 members to join who will collaborate to shape this important piece of work which aims to present a coherent story demonstrating the impact and importance of education for sustainability (EfS) and global education (GE).

The inaugural meeting was held at London South Bank University on Thursday 8th June and attended by SEEd members representing NGO’s, Universities and businesses as well as expert individuals. The diversity of people in the room was inspiring; new contacts were quickly being forged, people were keen to get straight to the important questions and it clearly demonstrated a need for this Alliance from many different angles.

Ann Finlayson quoted Mary Creagh, MP for Wakefield and member of the Environment Audit Committee as saying “what gets measured gets done in politics”.

But is it ‘getting done in politics’ or hearts and minds that affects decisions and behaviour?
SEEd is looking forward to unravelling this chicken and egg scenario with many of its experienced members over the coming year and presenting the evidence in a way which speaks clearly to policy makers and local community alike.

You can find out more about the alliance here, or get in touch with